2012 Texas Architectural Foundation Scholarships

Texas Components Receive Funding from the AIA Scholarship Program
The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Component Scholarship Program was started in 2006 to support existing AIA component scholarships in order to reinforce the significance of the AIA in the lives of architects, aspiring students, and their communities, and to stimulate interest in the formation of new scholarship programs. The AIA believes that the investment to support the education of future professionals is a crucial part of its mission.

The Texas Architectural Foundation (TAF) an affiliate of the Texas Society of Architects received $1,000 through the 2012 AIA Component Scholarship Program. The Foundation applied the funds to two scholarships to award a total of $1,250 to each of the following students:

Robyn Beatty at Texas A&M University, received the Horace B. McCord Memorial Scholarship, and Ryan Botts, attending Rice University, received the E. G. Spencer Scholarship,.

The Texas Architectural Foundation administers scholarships for fourteen Texas AIA Components, five of whom received funds from the 2012 AIA Component Scholarship Program to supplement their 2012 scholarship awards. The AIA Component scholarships administered by the Foundation are for students pursing an architectural degree from one of the eight Texas universities with accredited architecture programs.

The following AIA Components in Texas received funding from the AIA Component Scholarship Program to supplement their 2012 architecture scholarship award issued through the Foundation:

AIA Amarillo Chapter received $500 from the AIA program to award a $1,000 AIA Amarillo Chapter Scholarship to Julie Huynh, attending the University of Texas at Austin.

AIA Brazos Chapter  received $1,000 and provided a $2,000 Brazos Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Scholarship to Kindall Stephens at Texas A&M University.

AIA Fort Worth Chapter received $1,000 for their Charles R. Adams Memorial Scholarship and awarded $2,000 to Connor Peirce at the University of Texas at Arlington.

AIA West Texas received $1,000 for their West Texas Chapter AIA Scholarship to award $1,500 to Carrie Joynton, attending the University of Texas at Austin.

AIA Wichita Falls Chapter  funds two annual scholarships, received $1,000 from the 2012 AIA scholarship program and provided two, $3,000 Wichita Falls Chapter AIA Scholarships to: Le Phuc, Texas A&M University, and Andrew Toney, attending Texas Tech University.