2013 Convention Attendee Continuing Education Credit

Certificates and Credit

Your 2013 Texas Society of Architects Learning Unit Hours have been successfully tabulated. You can review your Continuing Education Certificate here. Please print out your certificate for your own records. This is the most important documentation of your convention attendance.

Your AIA transcripts have also been updated. If you are an AIA Architect, Associate, or Emeritus member, please review your recorded hours here.

Please be aware that the AIA stopped requiring and recording all Sustainable Design credit in 2012. You can view their official announcement here. All AIA transcripts currently show a total of 0.0 SD hours.

However, the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners (TBAE) still requires that at least one of the twelve necessary Health, Safety, and Welfare hours must be related to sustainable or energy-efficient design.

As the AIA is not recording Sustainable Design credit, the manner in which the TBAE will confirm Sustainable Design credit will function similarly to how they confirm Accessible Design/Barrier-Free Design credit – which is also not recorded by the AIA.

TBAE asks all registrants to complete the TBAE Continuing Education Program Hour (CEPH) Log on which they will indicate the courses they are claiming for Barrier-Free Design or Sustainable Design. For documentation, TBAE asks the AIA members to submit their AIA transcript as supporting documentation instead of individual convention certificates. 

However, if a registrant claims sustainable credit, and the TBAE cannot determine the content of the course based on the title alone, the TBAE would ask for further documentation showing that the course is devoted to Sustainable Design. In that case, the TBAE would ask to see the registrant's certificate or an outline of the course.

As such, please print out your convention certificate whether you are an AIA member or not. That will function as the definite document that shows all credit we have given all of our sessions. All of our Sustainable Design courses have been approved for basic Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) credit, so they also qualify for Sustainable Design in the state of Texas.

GBCI credit must be self-reported. More information can be found here.

For any other questions, please contact AIA National at 800-242-3837, option 3.

Missing Sessions or Inaccurate Transcripts

If there are any inaccuracies in your transcript or certificate, they can be resolved quite easily: please just email membership@texasarchitects.org with the missing classes and we can add them to your certificate and your transcript.

If you wish to remove a session, we are unable to do that at the component level. You will need to contact AIA National at 800-242-3837, option 3. 

Please note: for those that attended “The TxA Roadmap: A Guide to the Adoption of the International Green Construction Code” or “Postmodern Postmortem,” these credits have not yet been reported due to a technical issue. We expect to have this issue resolved and your transcripts or certificates updated within days.

If your transcript has not been updated, and if you are an AIA member, it’s possible that when you created your registration profile, you did not provide us with your AIA number. Please notify us immediately at membership@texasarchitects.org if you do not see your transcript updated.

While you are reviewing your AIA transcripts and certificates, please consider taking this very short survey about your overall convention experience. Your input is extremely valuable to us: it helps us understand what your needs are and how we can better serve you in future conventions.

Please Note:

If you attended a session or tour that required payment but you have not paid yet, you will be asked to provide payment in order to receive the CE credit.

If you are a speaker who did not register as an attendee but would like to receive CE credit for attending other speakers' sessions, you will be asked to pay the full onsite registration fee ($205 if you are an architect AIA member; $475 if you are a non-member) before being given credit.

If you are a non-member, you can use the certificate you recieve as proof of your education for your state's registration board.