2014 Keynote Speaker: Neri Oxman, MIT Media Lab

In the work of Neri Oxman, the disciplines of art, science, architecture, and ecology fuse to form a new kind of eco-activism — one based on the lessons of biomimicry. With breathtaking examples from her work — a chair that moves with your body weight, energy efficient buildings that can grow and change — Oxman provides a glimpse into the future of performance-driven design and how it's literally reshaping our physical world. We must look past the surface of an object, Oxman says, and think instead about "how it behaves." Avant garde yet wholly accessible, Oxman makes a powerful and eloquent case for adapting sustainable, nature-derived concepts to tackle our most daunting challenges in design, business, society, the environment and our daily lives.

Oxman's jaw-dropping discussions of her work open a vista onto a lush, wondrous, and sustainable future within reach — one where technology and nature live in harmony. Featured on the cover of Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business issue (2009), Oxman transcends the boundaries between art, science and environmentalism.