500 Chicon: Fallen Tree to Get New Life

On the evening of June 11, a Texas-sized thunderstorm hit the Austin area. The next morning, once the winds had died down and the rain had ceased, the staff at 500 Chicon discovered one of our prominent pecan trees felled by lightning.

In the parking lot of the Texas Society of Architects office, our fallen pecan tree goes through various stages of dismantling. – photos by Elizabeth Hackler

The removal of the tree was necessary, but the consensus around the office was to do something more. Texas Architect editor Catherine Gavin reached out to a local furniture studio, Hatch Workshop, in hopes they could aid in repurposing the tree.

Hatch Workshop and Texas Architects agreed that a portion of the wood be repurposed into a new table for the TxA office, while the remaining salvaged wood would be donated to the studio.

Yesterday, the process to give the tree a new life began. Jardinero's arrived and removed the vegetative debris, leaving the extensive wooden remains of the pecan’s trunk and boughs. Although the shady cast of the pecan tree will be missed, we look forward to seeing the transformation of the tree.

Look in the near future for a time-lapse video featuring the dismantling of the tree and the creation of our new table!

For more information on Hatch Workshop, check out their website

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