500 Chicon: PubCom on Sketching

Publications Committee members illustrated their sketching skills during their visit to the TxA offices. – photo by Elizabeth Hackler

Last week, TxA's Publications Committee met at 500 Chicon to discuss the ins and outs of Texas Architect. Between reviewing our July/August Art & Architect issue and brainstorming potential projects to highlight in the 2015 editorial season, the committee took some time to reflect on the upcoming theme of the November/December issue: Sketching.
Committee members were given the duration of the meeting to show off their sketching skills within the bounds a 5” x 5” square.
Check out what our committee came up with!

                     Sketch by Audrey Maxwell, AIA (@audreylmaxwell)

                     Sketch by Filo Castore, AIA (@tuscantexan)

                     Sketch by Mark Wellen, FAIA

                     Sketch by Sam Garcia, AIA

                     Sketch by Alexis McKinney, AIA

                     Sketch by Murray Legge, FAIA (@murraylegge)

                     Sketch by Tommy Upchurch, FAIA

                     Sketch by Al York, AIA

500 Chicon Street is the Austin headquarters of the Texas Society of Architects. "500 Chicon" is a column on the Texas Architects blog that highlights the ongoing collaboration between Texas Architects staff, our members, and other contributing partners. These posts will spotlight individuals who come through our doors, events and happenings at the office, and staff activities out in the field.