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We are all hearing how the shortage of hospital supplies is affecting hospitals, both here in Texas and throughout the country as a whole. There are several ways that we, members of the built community, can offer our expertise and resources during this crisis.


Contractors and architecture firms may possess many of the items that are most urgently needed. If your company has N95 face masks, face shields, or goggles that you’d be willing to donate, click here for an interactive map of places accepting such donations. Additionally, you can also reach out directly to hospitals in your area.


Architectural firms across the country are using their own 3D printers and laser cutters to produce protective face masks, which are being delivered to hospitals for distribution to front-line medical staff amid shortages of the safety devices. Many of the architects are basing their visors on open-source files created by Erik Cederberg of Swedish 3D-printing company 3DVerkstan. The simple design consists of a laser-cut clear plastic shield that covers the face and a printed visor band that fits across the user’s forehead. You can find more about this movement in this article published by Dezeen.

Additional Information on 3D Printing


Texas hospitals are preparing for a surge of patients and are being overwhelmed. Time is of the essence. If you don’t have access to the supplies listed above or a 3D printer, please share this message to others within your networks. Together, we will emerge, stronger than ever.