The Voice for Texas Architecture


Every other year, architects from across Texas convene at the State Capitol to advocate for the profession. On February 10, our Third Biannual Advocates for Architecture Day began at the Blanton Museum of Art for training and concluded at the Capitol with architects visiting state House and Senate offices.

Over 130 architecture professionals, associates, and students visited legislators at the State Capitol to explain issues important to the profession. Attendees gave legislators materials explaining what architects do and the impact and elements of design beyond the building and its plans. Each office received a limited-edition print of the Capitol Dome Lantern and Goddess of Liberty by Brian Griggs, AIA, of Amarillo.

Advocates descend on the State Capitol building to meet with their legislators –photo by Nicole Mlakar

Overall, Advocates for Architecture Day 2015 participants made personal connections with all 178 Texas House and Senate offices. With 29 new House and 8 new Senate members, this opportunity to connect with the 2015 class was an invaluable experience in building relationships and highlighting the importance of design.

Look out for a reflection on Advocates for Architecture Day 2015 later this month!

Thank you to the following ADVOCATES for making the event such a success:

Elkin Aguilar, AIA
Andy Albin
Justin Allen, AIA
Peri Arthur, Assoc. AIA
Alejandra Avilés
Zaida Basora, FAIA
Paul Bielamowicz, AIA
Rusty Bienvenue
Jan Blackmon, FAIA
James Booher, AIA
Bob Borson, AIA
Christopher Box
Jim Brady, AIA
Derwin Broughton, AIA
Jared Brown
David Bucek, FAIA
Robert Bullis, AIA
David Calkins, FAIA
Joe Cannon, AIA
Jacqueline Carlson, AIA
Shannon Carpenter Bearden, AIA
Eduardo Castaneda, Assoc. AIA
Fred D. Cawyer, AIA
Adam Clark
Meredith Contello, AIA
Victoria Cooper
Ada Corral, AIA
Carlos Cruz, AIA
Peter Darby, AIA
Brice Davis, AIA
Chad Davis, AIA
Hector De Santiago, AIA
Tony DiNicola, AIA
Debra Dockery, AIA
Jacqui Dodson, AIA
Jake Donaldson, AIA
Igor Draskovic, Assoc. AIA
Kathleen English, AIA
James Evans, AIA
Rachel Fisher
Daphne Floran-Melendez, AIA
Richard Flores, AIA
Kye Franke, AIA
Sam Garcia, AIA
Sean Garman, AIA
Adam Gates, Assoc AIA
Ryan Gathmann, AIA
David German, AIA
Randy Gideon, FAIA
Ana-Sofia Gonzalez
Brian Griggs, AIA
James Haliburton, AIA
Robert Hanley, AIA
Richard Harris, AIA
Vincent Hauser, AIA
Andrew Hawkins, AIA
Wendy Heger, AIA
Darren Heine, AIA
Henry Hermis, AIA
Manuel Hinojosa, FAIA
Keith Holley, AIA
Francisco Ibarra
Silvia Izaguirre
Charles John, AIA
Kit Johnson
Mary Le Johnson, AIA
Walter Kilroy, AIA
Jane Kittner, AIA
Roy Locke, AIA
Andy MacPhillimy, AIA
Alyse Makarewicz, AIA
Michael Malone, AIA
Nicole Marrone, AIA
Ann McGlone, AIA
Mike McGlone, AIA
Mitch Milby
Richard Miller, FAIA
Christopher Minnich, AIA
Angela Mitchell, AIA
John Mize, AIA
John Moman, AIA
Deborah Montez
Jeromy Murphy, AIA
Sid Naeimi
Chris Noack, AIA
Michael Novendstern, AIA
John Nyfeler, FAIA
Vanessa Ortega, Assoc. AIA
Justin Oscilowski, AIA
Jaime Palomo, AIA
Steve Patmon, AIA
Fred Patterson, AIA
Connor Peirce, Assoc. AIA
David Potter, AIA
Elizabeth Price, AIA
Jason Puchot, AIA
Philip Ramirez, AIA
Eric Rauser, AIA
Lauren Raven, AIA
Adam Reed, AIA
Craig Reynolds, FAIA
Connie G. Rivera, AIA
Shawnda Rixey, Assoc. AIA
David Robinson, AIA
David Rodriguez, Assoc. AIA
Cesar Roque, Assoc. AIA
Chris Royster, AIA
James Sandoz, AIA
Mark Schantz, AIA
Sheldon Schroeder, AIA
Perry Seeberger, AIA
Douglas Seidel
Donald Sopranzi, AIA
Philip Southwick, AIA
Torrey Stanley Carleton
Tommy Stewart, AIA
Jim Susman, AIA
AJ Sustaita, AIA
Nydia Tapia Gonzales
Kirk Teske, AIA
Herman Thun, AIA
Betty Trent, AIA
David Trevino, AIA
Saul Valentin
Kevin Wallace, AIA
Derek Webb, AIA
Mike Wells
Jay West, AIA
Jim Williams, AIA
Bill Wilson, FAIA
Joshua Wilson, AIA
J Mark Wolf, AIA
Mat Wolff
Al York, AIA