The Voice for Texas Architecture

Thanks to the collaborative effort of numerous professional organizations, including the Texas Society of Architects (TxA), the annual license renewal fees will decrease by $200 starting September 1.  Let me repeat, beginning with those with birthdays in September, the cost to renew your license will be $200 less this year — and next year — and the year after, etc.

Working with physicians, realtors, lawyers, and every other professional group whose members had been required to pay $200 per year directly to the state’s General Revenue Fund ($150) and Education Fund ($50). We eliminated this direct professional tax, which when combined with the 25% flat reduction in the franchise tax rate, provides a genuine financial relief to architecture firms and individual architects.

We know you’ve been hearing this good news from other sources, but we just wanted to claim our share of the credit for helping save our members money! TxA leadership, staff, and lobbyists worked hard on this issue and are proud of this truly significant success!

Saving you every penny we can –photo Flickr; pictures of money