Advocacy Update: Getting “Trump-ed” by Negative Politics? Don’t Let It Get You Down.

At the most basic level, being an active citizen is really easy — just register and vote.  This year to vote in the Texas primary election you must be registered to vote by next Monday, February 1.

Your Texas Primary Election Day is March 1, and early voting begins February 16th through February 26th. You can vote for a candidate, party, or political philosophy — or you can vote against overblown, nasty rhetoric, and bombastic non-responses by those who seek your support without really doing anything to earn it. But since most candidates are effectively elected in party primaries rather than November’s General Election, it is critical that we be involved NOW! 

​​i vote – via Flickr; Kelley Minar

Speaking of Citizen Architects…

We should all give a HUGE shout out to Councilman David W. Robinson, AIA, on having been re-elected to the Houston City Council, Place 2 At-Large spot. While we’re at it, I’ll bet Architect Councilman Robinson would really appreciate some contributions coming along with those congratulatory shout outs.

Councilman Robinson, as an elected as a citywide candidate, is responsible — and responsive — to more than 2.2 million Houston residents, which is more than the total population in 15 states and the District of Columbia. Robinson initially had to overcome five opponents to win re-election for his second three-year term. Then, Robinson had to win a run-off election, which he did by about 15,000 votes — a margin of almost nine percent (9%). It was an expensive series of events, one that the profession can and should help alleviate. Please don’t delay — act today by mailing a contribution to:

P. O. Box 56386
Houston, TX 77256

or go to to provide your online support.

Are you also an elected official?  Several AIA members like Jane Kittner, AIA, and Bill Wilson, FAIA, have been elected to the city council in their respective hometowns. We’d love to know how many and who else have been elected to office in Texas. Please drop us a line, or better yet, respond here so we can show a long string of positive replies identifying all of our CITIZEN ARCHITECTS!  

But whatever else you do, start the process now — today — by being registered to vote. Do it by next Monday, February 1!

Then, vote on March 1 for the Texas Primary and again on May 24 for the Primary Run-Offs. It’s the first step in being a Citizen Architect; it’s your job as a CITIZEN!