Architects Talking to Architects: Candid Rogers, AIA

Candid Rogers, AIA, is the principal architect at Candid Rogers Studio in San Antonio. 

Candid Rogers

Candid Rogers, AIA – courtesy Candid Rogers

Where did you grow up?

I grew up on a ranch southwest of San Antonio. That experience of being in the rural landscape shapes my thinking today. It pushes me to design with connection to place and site.

Pen, pencil, or computer?

Pencil, pen, and coffee are my mediums of choice. The ability to quickly express or develop a concept by hand with the tactile quality of the materials in and under hand is something the computer cannot do yet. 

Between pencils (both the garden variety and color), pen, and coffee, Rogers is able to convey his intent through hand sketching. – courtesy Candid Rogers

What type of advice would you offer to young professionals?

Young professionals need to travel as much as possible everywhere. Third world countries offer the architect the most, because these places exhibit a resourcefulness that we can learn from. 

What is the one building that you just had to see for yourself?

Therme Vals by Peter Zumthor. I like his work. It connects to its place and is distilled down to the elements that make architecture so powerful.

Peter Zumthor's Vals Therme captures a richness in materials while maintaining a wonderful simplicity in its programatic execution. via Flickr; atelier_flir

If you were not an architect, what other profession would you have pursued?

If I was not an architect, I would fancy being a shoe designer. It encompasses so much of what we do as architects — beauty, structure, materiality, comfort….

Beer, wine, or cocktail — what is your drink of choice?

Wine is my drink of choice. I enjoy the Spanish Tempranillo from the Rioja region of Spain.

The Rioja region's climate and cutlure lend to the production of delicious wines. – courtesy Candid Rogers

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