Design Awards

Design Awards recognize outstanding architectural projects by architects practicing in Texas and promotes public interest in architectural excellence.

Honor Awards

Honor Awards recognize exceptional members, firms, individuals, and organizations for their outstanding achievements in support of the profession of architecture, the built environment, and quality of life in Texas.

AIA Fellows

An AIA Fellowship is reserved for exemplary individuals with at least 10 years of AIA membership along with significant architectural contributions on a national level.

25-Year Award

Each year, Texas Architects recognizes one building with its 25-Year Award to emphasize enduring significance of good design.

Studio Awards

Studio Awards recognize unbuilt projects demonstrating innovation and excellence in design. Real or theoretical projects that go beyond the boundaries of architecture to address current critical issues are encouraged.

Cornerstone Award

The Cornerstone Award is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions that enhance the quality of life by elevating architecture and the arts, promoting the value of community, or preserving the natural environment.

Honorary Members

Honorary membership is awarded to an individual for long-term association with architects and architecture in providing a better quality of life in Texas.

O’Neil Ford Medal for Design Achievement

The O’Neil Ford Medal recognizes outstanding achievement in architectural design as exemplified in a body of work produced by an individual architect over a period of at least 20 years.