Beyond the Boardroom: Past Presidents Convene in Santa Fe

James Perry

Every three years, the past presidents of the Texas Society of Architects come together in Santa Fe, N.M., for a meeting hosted by the current president-elect. This being one of those years, Val Glitsch, FAIA, hosted the event this past weekend at the St. Francis Hotel.

The point of the meeting is to provide an update about the Society, review actions of the last three years, and learn first-hand about upcoming goals.Twenty-six past presidents attended (see list at the end of this post) — about 10 more than were present at the last meeting in 2010. 

On Friday evening, the group gathered at a home overlooking Santa Fe that was designed by President Larry Speck, FAIA. The homeowners, who have been in the house for about a year, were pleased to host the group and were very gracious as they spoke of their collaboration with Speck.

The business portion of the meeting was held on Saturday morning. Glitsch asked the recent past-presidents, starting with Bill Reeves (2009), to provide a brief synopsis of their year. Each of the subsequent presidents — Heather McKinney (2010), Dan Hart (2011), Craig Reynolds (2012), and Larry Speck (2013) — provided an overview of their years. From their discussion, it was clear that every president builds on the work of those previous — and that new mission adopted by the Society in 2009 to be "the voice for Texas architecture” was taken on as a primary charge by each. 

Past Presidents Retreat, Santa Fe

Past presidents of the Texas Society of Architects gather for a photo in Santa Fe's St. Francis Hotel – photo by James Perry

It was inspiring to see the past presidents gathered, and to recognize the contributions they have made over time and the continued depth of their dedication to Texas Architects. Clearly, it is a group that continues to be supportive, engaged, and informed about the progress of the Society. 

It was, too, an opportunity for the past presidents to renew friendships and connect with colleagues who were involved with the Society’s leadership of their time, as well as to make connections with current leaders. They were pleased to recognize two AIA leaders among their ranks: Jeff Potter, AIA President, 2012; and Elizabeth Chu Richter, AIA President, 2014.  

The past presidents in attendance at the meeting in Santa Fe were:

  • George Loving, FAIA, 1979
  • Boone Powell, FAIA, 1980
  • Morton Levy, FAIA, 1982
  • John Only Greer, FAIA, 1988
  • Jim Doche, FAIA, 1990
  • Logic Tobola II, FAIA, 1992
  • James Tittle, FAIA, 1993
  • David Messersmith, FAIA, 1994
  • Tommy Cowan, FAIA, 1995
  • Jan Blackmon, FAIA, 1997
  • David Richter, FAIA, 1998
  • David Watkins, FAIA, 2000
  • Bill Wilson II, FAIA, 2001
  • Bryce Weigand, FAIA, 2002
  • John Nyfeler, FAIA, 2003
  • Jeffery Potter, FAIA, 2004
  • Richard Bundy, FAIA, 2005
  • James Nader, FAIA, 2006
  • Elizabeth Chu Richter, FAIA, 2007
  • Chris Hudson, AIA, 2008
  • William Reeves, AIA, 2009
  • Heather McKinney, FAIA, 2010
  • Dan Hart, AIA, 2011
  • Craig Reynolds, FAIA, 2012
  • Lawrence Speck, FAIA, 2013
  • Val Glitsch, FAIA, 2014