Conference CE Certificates Now Available for Review

Learning unit hours for our 76th Annual Conference and Design Expo have been calculated. Attendees can now log into the following portal to review their conference CE certificate:


Login Information

You will need to log in using your Registration ID number. All attendees were sent an email providing this information on November 30. If you do not have this email, your Registration ID number can also be found in the confirmation email you received when you registered for conference (which came from with the subject line “Texas Architects – Conference Payment”). If neither of these emails can be accessed, please contact the TxA office at 512.478.7386, and we can look up this information for you.

How Credit is Reported

We will provide attendees two weeks (until December 9) to review their CE certificate and ensure everything is correct. After the review period has ended, we will transmit all the CE data to AIA. Your AIA MyCES transcript should reflect conference credit by mid-December. Please note that attendees must self-report information to TBAE, GBCI, or out-of-state licensing boards. Be sure to print out or save the certificate for your own records. Its is the most important documentation of your conference attendance. 

Sustainable Design Credit

AIA stopped requiring and recording Sustainable Design (SD) credit in 2012. Therefore, all AIA transcripts will show a total of 0.0 SD hours. However, TBAE still requires that at least one of the 12 necessary Health, Safety, and Welfare hours must be related to sustainable or energy-efficient designAs AIA is not recording SD credit, the manner in which the TBAE will confirm this credit will function similarly to how it confirms Accessible Design/Barrier-Free Design credit—which is also not recorded by AIA.

TBAE asks all registrants to complete the TBAE Continuing Education Program Hour (CEPH) Log, on which they can indicate the courses they are claiming for Barrier-Free Design or SD. For documentation, TBAE asks AIA members to submit their AIA transcript as supporting documentation instead of individual conference certificates.

However, if a registrant claims SD credit, and the TBAE cannot determine the content of the course based on the title alone, the TBAE may ask for further documentation showing that the course is devoted to SD. In that case, TBAE will ask to see the registrant’s certificate or an outline of the course. As such, please print out your conference certificate whether you are an AIA member or not. That will function as the definite document that shows all credit we have given all of our sessions. All of our SD courses have been approved for basic GBCI credit, so they also qualify for SD in the state of Texas.

Conference Survey

Please take a moment to share your thoughts and experiences about our conference through our brief conference survey. Your input is extremely valuable to us: it helps us understand what your needs are and how we can better serve you in future conferences.