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For those of you working on putting together a strategic plan, below are some examples we’ve pulled together for you — one of which is actually the old version of AIA National’s. Although out of date, it will show you how a plan can be a one-page, graphic document (right up the architect’s alley!). There is also a second strategic plan that is a VERY short, simple piece. The Texas Society of Architects Strategic Plan is also provided as a reference.

The questions to answer in a strategic plan are:

  • Who are we?
  • What is our mission?
  • What is our vision? (read a description of the difference between mission and vision here)
  • How will we achieve that vision?
  • And, lastly, how will we know if we have achieved our goals? What is the measurement?

It is NOT an easy process to get on paper, but it can really help to focus the work of the chapter and help make best use of resources. Feel free to call if you have any questions about preparing a strategic plan.

TxA Strategic Plan

AIA 2008-2010 Strategic Plan

One-Page Sample (ABC)

Multi-Page Sample (National Association of Colleges and Employers)


Core Member Services – Introduction

Roles and Responsibilities of Chapters and Sections

Member Service Plan

The Accreditation Process

Core Services Checklist


Small Component Management Fees

Component Financial Worksheet 

Fiscal Policies

Sample Memorandum of Understanding


The following policy documents are examples only and must be modified for use by your chapter.

Anti-Harassment Policy (Venable)

Anti-Harrassment Policy (Whiteford, Taylor & Preston)

Antitrust Compliance Guidelines (AIA)

Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct (AIA)

Conflict of Interest Policy (AIA Austin)

Conflict of Interest Policy (Venable)

Component Bylaws (AIA)

Document Retention and Destruction Policy (AIA Austin)

Document Retention and Destruction Policy (Pillsbury)

Gift Acceptance Policy (Society for Women’s Health)

Joint Venture Policy (Pillsbury)

Joint Venture Policy (Venable)

Non-Discrimination Policy

Whistleblower Policy (Texas Society of Architects)

Whistleblower Policy (AIA Austin)

Whistleblower Policy (Pillsbury)

Whistleblower Policy (Venable)


AIA’s New Visual Identity