Media and Technology in Architecture | Flipboard Aggregator App

Ken Ethridge, AIA

I am a recent convert to Flipboard, owing the insight to having been assigned this review. Up to now, I have been solely following Zite, an earlier entry into the field of aggregators, or sites that re-publish articles in a single format from various sources, like magazines, newspapers, websites, and blogs.

In this day of exponentially increasing content, it’s useful, even necessary, to have a single place to go to for news on favorite subjects. Flipboard is, hands down, the more visual of the two apps. The photos are bigger and look great on an iPad: 

On Zite, photos are smaller, so more articles fit on a page. 

With Flipboard, you can publish your own “magazine” of articles you like, and others can “subscribe” to it, a feature that Zite does not have:

Beware: This capability can be a serious time-sink.

If you are a hardcore Facebook or Twitter user, then Flipboard is for you. The content of your account actually looks better and is easier to read than it is on the original apps:

On the other hand, there seem to be more pre-defined areas of substantive content on Zite. I like to keep up with a variety of things, and I’m a voracious reader, so that’s a plus for me. Both apps are very good. If I were to recommend one over the other for architects, I’d say Flipboard, for the visually minded. As for me, I’ll probably keep browsing the two for a while – after all, they’re both free.

Flipboard: iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8
Zite: iOS, Android in development 

Ken Ethridge, AIA, RAS is located in Temple, TX. An architect and signage product marketer, he is recognized as an authority on the ADA and TAS. He wishes people would realize that he has other interests, including painting, drawing and writing lurid mystery stories. 

About the "Media and Technology in Architecture" series: In the profession of architecture, new media and technologies in practice are moving at an ever increasing pace. At times, it is difficult to keep up with the latest application, piece of hardware, or recent technology to enhance your practice as an architect. The Texas Society of Architects' New Media and Technology Committee has assembled a series of posts to provide some insight into some of the emerging additions to the practice of architecture. Each post should provide you with the basic overview of a new technology and help you decide if you want more information on how to incorporate this into your practice. Questions or comments? Email