Media and Technology in Architecture: The Morpholio Project App

Morpholio is part of a project geared towards architects and academics that provides digital tools for contemporary design practice and education. The Morpholio team has managed to round up some rather impressive sponsors, including Dyson, Herman Miller, and 3Form. The project's success can be seen with it massive list of collaborators from private practice and academia. Unlike many other similar services, Morpholio is free — although not without its limits.

In order to review this app, I set up my own portfolio. Since my practice deals with accessibility, and I don’t have any spiffy photos of parking spaces, I opted to show my personal paintings and drawings. I collected my digital copies of my work and fired up the tutorial video — which was almost useless. However, with a little patience — and two hours — I was up and running on my own.

My Morpholio "Home Page"

Above is what the app deems as my "Home Page." From this page, there are three options: clicking on my photo, "Crit," or "Pinup." 

“Pinup” makes an item available to the public. On the other hand, “Crit” allows you to send items to a specific person or group of Morpholio users for comment and mark up. The “Co-Creators” option allows adding items to another user’s portfolio.

Clicking on the photo of me gives you this page:

The eye buttons show viewing stats. The little page icon on the upper left gives the option of printing or generating PDFs of the collection in a variety of portfolio formats or as a business card.

The first five are free; $3.00 will allow unlimited prints or PDFs.

Clicking on one of the image icons will give you something like this:

Clicking on the enlargement yields a full-screen image (by the way, my dad is the guy in the sunglasses):

The image can be sent by email for viewing on iPad and iPhone, or on the web through the Morpholio app, or sent directly to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts:

I recommend Morpholio as a free portfolio option for iPhones, and especially for iPads.

There may be a better one out there; but until I find it, I’ll stick with Morpholio. If you can recommend another, paid or free, or want to see my entire collection, email me,

Ken Ethridge, AIA, is located in Temple. An architect and signage product marketer, he is recognized as an authority on ADA and TAS. He wishes people would realize that he has other interests, including painting, drawing, and writing lurid mystery stories.

About the "Media and Technology in Architecture" series: In the profession of architecture, new media and technologies in practice are moving at an ever increasing pace. At times, it is difficult to keep up with the latest application, piece of hardware, or recent technology to enhance your practice as an architect. The Texas Society of Architects' Digital Communications Committee has assembled a series of posts to provide some insight into some of the emerging additions to the practice of architecture. Each post should provide you with the basic overview of a new technology and help you decide if you want more information on how to incorporate this into your practice. Questions or comments? Email