Project ArchiTX: Canopy Restaurant

Dillion Kyle Architecture presents an homage to the trees and landscape of Texas. The architect employed walnut wooden features and a foliage supergraphic to create the narrative of Canopy in Houston.​

Project Canopy, Houston 
Architect Dillon Kyle Architecture
Photographer Casey Dunn 

Canopy is a neighborhood restaurant located in a Houston’s vibrant Montrose district. The restaurant design is an allegory of trees and landscape in general, and the city's famous live oaks in particular. The blue sky of the walls, earth tone of the floor, and walnut wood and green fixtures lend to the connections to meadows and forests. A blown-up photograph of a live oak was affixed to sliding panels that bisect the open concept of the dining space to allow for adaptability. 

Located in an urban strip mall, the space is not cerebral or formal, but calm and inviting. The sliding panels allow the relationship between the front-of-house and back-of-house spaces to be customized according to the user's needs. The use of walnut throughout the restaurant — it is applied to the ceiling sculpture, walls, tables, and chairs — provides visual continuity. An oversized bird's nest ceiling sculpture dangles from the double-height space. This sculpture was assembled onsite based on the architect’s design via a large scaffold.

The architect worked in close collaboration with the photographer, carpenter, and restaurateurs to maximize the creative energy on the project and placed himself in the role of co-creator and editor of a story that is more interesting as a result.

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