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Scholarships for Future Architects

The Texas Society of Architects is actively involved in assisting students who plan to pursue careers in architecture. We cooperate with a sister organization, the Texas Architectural Foundation, to provide grants and scholarships to students and programs of architecture in the state’s accredited schools of architecture.

Texas Architectural Foundation scholarships are awarded to undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate students in the accredited departments or schools of architecture in Texas according to the criteria established by each donor and in accordance with the policies adopted by the TAF Board of Trustees. All applications for TAF scholarships are made through the office of the dean.

The following is an alphabetical list of scholarship programs currently being administered by TAF. School designations are as follows:

  • All eight accredited schools: ALL
  • Prairie View A&M University: PVAM
  • Rice University: RU
  • Texas A&M University: TAMU
  • Texas Tech University: TTU
  • University of Houston: UH
  • University of Texas at Arlington: UT-A
  • University of Texas at Austin: UT
  • University of Texas at San Antonio: UTSA

Each scholarship marked with an asterisk (*) will begin awarding after its endowment goal has been reached.

Current Scholarships

Abilene Chapter/AIA Scholarship [ALL]
Established in 1987, this annual scholarship is awarded to a deserving upper-level undergraduate from the Abilene area.

AIA Amarillo Chapter Scholarship* [ALL]
Endowed by the AIA Amarillo Chapter in 2010, this scholarship has been made available to a deserving, upper-level undergraduate or graduate student from the AIA Amarillo Chapter area.

AIA Austin Scholarship [UT]
Established in 1999, this scholarship is designated for a student who has completed their second year of architectural coursework.

AIA Brazos Scholarship [TAMU]
This scholarship was established in 1996 with funds provided by the City of College Station and the Brazos Chapter of AIA. It will be designated for an upper level student at TAMU, with preference for a student who has a record of involvement in community projects.

AIA Corpus Christi Chapter Scholarship [ALL]
This endowed scholarship was begun in 1994 by AIA Corpus Christi.

AIA Fort Worth Charles R. Adams Memorial Scholarship [UT-A]
This scholarship was established by AIA Fort Worth as a living memorial to Charles R. Adams, AIA. It is awarded to a deserving student from the Fort Worth Chapter area who is in his or her fourth year (or beyond) in the school of architecture at UT-A.

AIA San Antonio Daryl Engel Memorial Scholarship in Architecture [All]
This scholarship is made available to a student with financial need from the AIA San Antonio Chapter area, who has completed at least 30 semester hours towards a degree in architecture at one of the eight accredited schools in Texas.

AIA Southeast Texas Chapter Douglas E. Steinman, Jr., FAIA, Scholarship [ALL]
This scholarship was established by AIA Southeast Texas in 1997 in honor of the late Douglas Steinman, Jr., FAIA, a third-generation architect and former TAF Trustee, to recognize his outstanding ethical and professional skills and his service to the community and the architecture profession.

Kenneth Lanier Anderson Prize
This prize, honoring the memory of Kenneth L. Anderson, AIA, former Chief of the Historic American Buildings Survey, will go to the team from the Texas accredited school of architecture that submits the best drawings entered into the annual Charles E. Peterson Prize organized by HABS.

Association Administrators & Consultants, Inc., Scholarship [ALL]
An endowment by Association Administrators & Consultants, Inc., of Irvine, Calif., established two scholarships that are offered to the state’s eight accredited programs of architecture on a rotating basis.

Eva and Jay W. Barnes, FAIA, Scholarship for The University of Texas at Austin [UT]
Originally endowed in 1984 by Eva Barnes and Jay W. Barnes, FAIA, an annual scholarship is awarded to a student at UT possessing outstanding architectural talent.

Edwin W. and Alyce O. Carroll Scholarship [ALL]
Awarded to a fourth-year student in one of the schools of architecture in Texas.

Dennis Cowan Memorial Scholarship [TTU]
This scholarship, begun in 1996 by Austin architect Tommy Cowan in memory of his father, is awarded to an undergraduate architecture student at TTU.

Hugh M. Cunningham Grants [ALL, rotating]
The Hugh M. Cunningham Grant Program provides annual grants to each of the eight accredited programs of architecture. Allocation of the funds is at the discretion of each dean; some apply the fund to special projects and others award scholarships to individual students.

James E. Deininger Traveling Fellowship [TAMU]
An endowed traveling fellowship was established in memory of TAMU associate professor James E. Deininger, by his many friends, colleagues, and former students, with seed funding from TAF. The fellowship supports an architecture student at TAMU traveling internationally in conjunction with his or her academic studies.

El Paso Chapter/AIA Scholarship [ALL]
The initial investment for this scholarship was made in 1989. It is awarded to a third-year (or higher) student whose home is within the El Paso Chapter area.

O’Neil Ford, FAIA, Traveling Fellowship [UT, RU, TAMU, rotating]
Endowed by the San Antonio firm of Ford, Powell & Carson, Inc., in honor of esteemed architect O’Neil Ford, FAIA, the award is offered to RU, UT, and TAMU on a rotating basis.

Preston M. Geren, Sr., Memorial Scholarship [TAMU]
Endowed by Preston M. Geren Jr, FAIA, of Fort Worth, the revenue from this fund finances an annual scholarship to go to a student at TAMU.

Grayson Gill Memorial Scholarship [ALL, rotating]
This scholarship in honor of architect Grayson Gill was established in 1984 by his son G. Douglas Gill. The scholarship is rotated among the eight accredited schools.

Professor Goldwin Goldsmith Memorial Scholarship in Architecture [UT]
Initially endowed by the late Professor Goldwin Goldsmith, the fund provides an annual scholarship to a graduate student at UT who majors in design, contract documents, specifications, or land planning.

Ruth Kaigler Goode and D. Rex Goode Scholarship [TBD]
Established in 2010 to honor the memory of D. Rex Goode, AIA and his wife, Ruth, of Beaumont.

John Only Greer, FAIA, and Wanda Knight Greer Architectural Endowment [TAMU]
Endowed by John Only Greer, ’55, FAIA, and Wanda Knight Greer principally and originally for the benefit of the architecture program at Texas A&M University through student scholarships, student leadership, fellowships, and staff awards.

Lee Roy Hahnfeld, FAIA, and Joan Morgan Hahnfeld Scholarship* [TBD]
Lee Roy Hahnfeld, FAIA, and Joan Morgan Hahnfeld established an endowment in 1995 for the benefit of the architecture program at TAMU.

George Harrell II Scholarship [ALL]
Established in 1980, the George Harrell II Scholarship, awarded on a rotating basis, provides assistance to a needy and deserving architecture student.

HD&D Design Collaborative, L.L.P. Scholarship for Texas Tech University College of Architecture Honoring John L. Hannon, J. Ray Daniel, and Donald E. Dickerson* [TTU]
Established in 1997, this endowed scholarship is available to an undergraduate student in the professional degree program at Texas Tech University entering his or her fourth year.

HKCP Jennings Hackler and Partners, Inc. Scholarship* [TBD]
The Dallas firm of HKCP began funding an endowed scholarship in 1997.

Lonnie Hoogeboom Scholarship for Rice University
This scholarship was established in 2010 for students pursuing a degree in architecture from Rice University in Houston.

Lubbock Chapter/AIA Scholarship [TTU] This scholarship is available to students in their final year of study in the Master of Architecture degree program of the College of Architecture at TTU. Selection is based upon the candidate’s portfolio, GPA, GRE test scores, financial need, and personal interview.

Endowed by James D. Tittle, FAIA, in 2002 the recipient should be an architecture student at Texas A&M University and additional criteria will be established by Mr. Luther.

Theodore S. Maffitt, Jr., FAIA, and Patricia J. Maffitt Scholarship [TAMU]
This scholarship was established in 1982 for a student who has completed at least his/her third year in pursuing a professional degree in architecture at Texas A&M University.

Horace B. McCord Memorial Scholarship [UT, TAMU, rotating]
Established in 1999 by the Corpus Christi firm of Wilson Kullman McCord, Inc. (now WKMC Architects, Inc.) with preference given to students from South Texas who demonstrate financial need. The scholarship rotates between TAMU and UT.

Charles Lamar and Verda McKittrick Scholarship [RU]
This endowed scholarship was established in 2002 by Caralyn McKittrickCordell and Thomas L. McKittrick, FAIA in memory of their father and in honor of their mother. It is to be awarded in alternate years to an architecture student at Rice University or Texas A&M University on the basis of industriousness, strong principles, qualities of leadership, promise as an architect, and financial need. The scholarship shall be given each year that the endowment has generated enough return to award a scholarship of at least $500.

A.S. Megert Memorial Scholarship for Texas Tech University [TTU]
This endowed scholarship, established by Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Megert in memory of Mr. Megert’s father, A.S. Megert, is to provide support for an outstanding student who is pursuing a degree in either the structures specialization or the dual degree program in Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Shirley E. Megert Memorial Scholarship* [TTU]
This endowed scholarship was established in 1998 by Russell A. Megert in memory of his wife. Its purpose is to provide support for an outstanding student who has completed the fourth year in the College of Architecture at Texas Tech University and who is pursuing the dual degree program in Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Northeast Texas Chapter/AIA Scholarship [ALL]
Established in 1987, this scholarship is awarded to a student from the chapter area who has financial need and is in the third year or above in one of the accredited Texas schools of architecture.

Betty R. and George F. Pierce, Jr. Lecture Series [RU]
Established in 1995 by Betty R. and the late George F. Pierce, Jr., FAIA, of Houston, this major endowment fund provides an annual stipend for the benefit of the architecture program at RU, its students, the school, and the community.

Walter T. Rolfe Memorial Scholarship [UT]
This endowed scholarship was established by the estate of Bessie Mae Rolfe in memory of her husband, Walter T. Rolfe, and provides a scholarship to a student at UT.

Edward John Romieniec, FAIA, Scholarships [TAMU]
Initially endowed in 1984 by Professor Romieniec, two annual awards are made to an undergraduate female student and a graduate female student, each pursuing careers in architecture, while in the professional degree program at TAMU.

San Antonio Conservation Society Foundation Scholarships Honoring Brooks Martin, FAIA* [ALL]
Begun in 1971, these scholarships are awarded to outstanding students who show an interest in historical architecture, preservation, and adaptive reuse. The scholarships may be used for historically related travel or to support any other preservation-related project.

Mattia J. Flabiano, Jr. Southwest Terrazzo Association Architecture Scholarship [ALL, rotating]
The Southwest Terrazzo Association contributes funds for scholarships to students at the accredited schools of architecture in Texas on a rotating basis.

E.G. Spencer Scholarship [RU, UT, TAMU]
Established by Mrs. Joy Spencer Lundy and Mrs. Pat Spencer Murphy, this scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis to a fifth-year student from RU, UT, TAMU, or UH.

Fay H. Spencer Memorial Scholarships in Architecture [RU, UT, TAMU]
Founded by E.G. Spencer in memory of his wife, one of the first women to receive a degree in architecture. Two scholarships are awarded annually, on a competitive basis, to fifth- or sixth-year women students from UH, RU, TAMU, or UT.

Paul and Katie Stein Scholarships [ALL, rotating]
As set forth in the will of the late Israel Herman Stein, these scholarships are established in memory of his father and mother, Paul and Katie Stein, and are to be awarded to needy graduate students. Two scholarships are awarded to the schools on a rotating basis.

Tim Terry-Huckabee Associates* [TBD]
Endowed in 2001 by Chris Huckabee, AIA in memory of one of his employees, Tim Terry, who was an architectural student at the time of his tragic death. The criteria will include, but will not be restricted to students in the thesis level portion of their studies, who demonstrate creative abilities and attention to detail, excellence in the students’ portfolio quality, and financial need.

Texas Architectural Foundation Grants [ALL]
Depending on availability of funds, the Foundation provides annual grants to each of the eight accredited programs of architecture and UTSA for special projects or scholarships at the discretion of the deans.

H. Leo Tucker Scholarship Endowed by Tittle Luther [TAMU]
Originally endowed in 1979 by the Tittle Luther Loving Partnership of Abiliene, this scholarship provides an annual award to a student in the graduate program in architecture at TAMU.

Tyler J. Viney Memorial Scholarship* [ALL]
Established by HLM Design, Inc. in 2001 to create a lasting tribute to ensure that his memory continues to impact the lives of others, and to honor his parents, Kathy Viney and Walter J. Viney, AIA. The following guidelines were proposed by his parents: architecture student at any of the eight colleges of architecture in Texas; 4th or 5th year student; award on potential architectural talent; demonstrated interest in photography; award on the basis of need, with some priority to minority or women students.

Waco Chapter/AIA Scholarship [ALL]
Established in 1984 to honor a local student, this endowed scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving student from the Waco chapter area.

West Texas Chapter/AIA Scholarship [ALL]
This endowed scholarship is awarded annually to a deserving student from the West Texas chapter area.

Wichita Falls Chapter/AIA Scholarship [RU, UT, TAMU]
The Wichita Falls chapter awards five annual scholarships to students from the Wichita Falls chapter area enrolled in the professional degree programs at TTU, TAMU, UT-A, UT, and UH.