SNEAK PEEK at Texas Architect’s New Feature –– “Products”

In its March/April 2014 issue, Texas Architect will unveil a new addition to its table of contents ­­–– “Products.” This new recurring section of the magazine allows the TA team to share with its readers the latest in architectural products and technological innovations.

Catherine Gavin, editor of Texas Architect, says that the inclusion of cutting-edge products will add a bit of diversity to the magazine by allowing it to cover a wider breadth of topics. It will also give the Society a chance to get to know more regional manufacturers and increase its pool of potential advertisers. 

Rita Orell

Rita Catinella Orrell – photo courtesy of Rita Orrell

Leading the selection of products is Rita Catinella Orrell. Orrell has written about design for over 18 years, covering architecture, interior design, home furnishings, kitchen and bath design, and building products. “She has her finger on the pulse and is also attune to what products will engage architects and designers,” says Gavin. Orrell has worked as the products editor for "Architectural Record" for 14 years and is the founding editor of "SNAP," a quarterly building products magazine. Her passion and eye for well-designed products is a welcomed addition to TA.

Orrell says she looks forward to featuring products that are “both functional and beautiful in their own way.” “This doesn't mean only high-end furnishings and fixtures, but anything that is designed to create the ultimate function while remaining aesthetically pleasing,” says Orrell.

In its freshman year, “Products” will exclusively feature items made in the United States. Concerning the selection of products, Orrell says that they will be chosen specifically with architects in mind, making sure that they are available in the Texas region.