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AIA Strategic Councilor

Applications are open for the AIA Strategic Councilor position (2024-2026 term) for the Texas Society of Architects.

AIA Strategic Councilor

Applications are open for the AIA Strategic Councilor position (2024-2026 term) for the Texas Society of Architects.

Position Overview

The AIA Strategic Council
The Strategic Council (Council) was first formed in 2015, following members’ overwhelming approval of the historic change to AIA’s governing structure in 2014. The Council advances the profession by informing the Board of Directors and other AIA bodies of important professional issues and opportunities. It is charged with surveying the profession to identify opportunities and threats, and engaging in strategic planning to inform AIA’s goals, objectives, and strategies. The Council is an outward-focused, forward-thinking, and member-centric group. Its members include representatives from each state, AIA international component(s), an AIAS and an AIA national associate representative, and a representative from the Council of Architectural Component Executives (CACE).  In addition, the Council may also choose to elect at-large representatives who bring different perspectives and areas of expertise.

Role of the Strategic Council
Much of the Council’s work throughout the year is forward thinking: searching for new ideas and solutions to challenges facing the profession with an element of futurist thinking. Collaborations and work groups seek to produce visionary thought and ideation, deliberation, prototyping of ideas, and consensus building. The Council develops ideas to inform future needs or opportunities for the profession and presents those ideas to the AIA Board for consideration. The Council focuses on long-term goals and outcomes as opposed to administrative or programmatic goals, except in rare instances of profession-wide or societal changes urgently impacting the architectural profession and or health, safety, and welfare.

National Level Responsibilities

  • Councilors are expected to serve as a communications link between the Strategic Council and their respective state to improve and increase the flow of information throughout AIA.
  • Participation on the Strategic Council requires attending in-person and virtual Council assemblies.
  • Councilors are expected to participate in Sprint, Work, or Study Groups that meet on a regular/monthly basis. These meetings are typically virtual.
  • Councilors may be appointed to a standing Council or AIA Board committee, Task Force, or another AIA committee.
  • This position is a three (3) year term beginning January 1, 2024.

State Level Responsibilities

  • Attend and participate in quarterly Board Meetings – three will be in person – Full day Thursday and half day Friday. These meetings will take place at TxA HQ in Austin unless an out-of-town meeting is being planned. The Q4 meeting will be a full-day virtual meeting.
  • Leadership Retreat – This will be a two- to three-day meeting at TxA HQ held in January and will include the full board, committee chairs, and local chapter leadership.


  • Applicants for the Strategic Council must be members in good standing (having paid all dues and obligations due to AIA and its components to which they are assigned and having met continuing education requirements for membership).
  • An individual under suspension for violation of the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is not in good standing.
  • Both Architect and Associate members are eligible to serve as Strategic Councilors.

Although years, membership, or previous leadership experience within AIA at the local, state, or national level are not prerequisites, a history of volunteering within AIA is important. Councilors are expected to:

  • Understand the role of a Councilor as an innovative thinker, to be open-minded, and to have experience in ideation.
  • Be able to volunteer time for calls, assemblies, committee work, etc.
  • Be available for limited travel to attend Council assemblies and other meetings, including those in one’s state. AIA provides a travel stipend for Councilors to attend Council meetings and to attend meetings in their state.
  • Possess strong communication skills and be able to engage with membership, solicit input on relevant issues before the Council, and report back on activities and progress of Council.

Strategic Councilor Funding

Most travel expenses are reimbursed for all required travel at both the state and national levels. If you have any specific questions regarding reimbursement, please contact

Funding provided by AIA National:
AIA National provides travel, accommodations, and reimbursement of meals through a per diem for AIA Grassroots, Annual Conference on Architecture,  Knowledge Leadership Academy, and Governance Week.

Funding provided by Texas Society of Architects:
AIA Strategic Councilors will each receive reimbursement to attend TxA Board meetings (3) and the Annual Leadership Retreat. Reimbursement not to exceed $1800 per person per year.

Selection Process

TxA’s Nominating Committee, together with our current Strategic Councilors, will evaluate the candidates and identify the preferred representative for the Strategic Council seat. Once selected, the candidate will be presented along with the 2024 slate to the Board of Directors of the Texas Society of Architects in June 2023. Once approved by the TxA Board, the slate is presented to the full Texas membership at the Annual Business Meeting.

Application Deadline: 

Tuesday, May 9, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. CT

If you have any issues uploading files using this form, or if you simply prefer email, all application items can be sent via email to Please include “2024-2026 Strategic Council” in your subject line.

Application items: Statement of Interest, Resume, Minimum of Two Recommendation Letters, Headshot, and any additional details you’d like to add.