THC Courthouse Preservation Program Threatened

On May 15, Preservation Texas issued the following advocacy alert:



This nationally recognized program has saved and restored more than 60 iconic courthouses across the Lone Star State with funding from the Texas legislature. Now, the House of Representatives and Senate Appropriations Conference Committees cannot agree to fund the requested $20 million. With 75 courthouses, many in small towns and rural areas, still awaiting their turn to shine again, we cannot afford to lose momentum by reducing the funding and limiting the number of projects that will be funded for the next two years with the Texas Historic Courthouse grant program. If you enjoy the restored Courthouses of Texas please:

Contact your State Representative and State Senator 

TODAY & TOMORROW and ask them to call the Conference Committee members and offer their support of funding the Texas Historical Commission Historic Courthouse Preservation Program at $20 Million.

Senate Conferees: Williams (Chair) Duncan | Hinojosa | Nelson | Whitmire

House Conferees: Pitts (Chair) Crownover | Otto | Turner | Zerwas


The Texas Historical Commission issued the following statement to Texas Architects on May 16:


“In its effort to solve complicated water issues, it appears that the conference committee may be finding it difficult to identify funding for the courthouse grant program. This could have a dramatic effect on our ability to provide funding to assist counties with their courthouses. The budget for this program was cut from $65 million in 2007 to $20 million in 2009, where it has remained; proposed additional cuts could reduce the budget for this initiative well below $20 million.”  — Mark Wolfe, executive director of the Texas Historical Commission