“Transformation is What We Do”

Architecture is inherently about transformation. Architects take empty sites and transform them into homes and places of business. We take derelict inner city districts and transform them into vibrant urban fabric. We take neglected older buildings and transform them into renewed historic artifacts. Transformation is what we do.

The focus of the Texas Society of Architects 74th Annual Convention and Design Expo is "Transformation," in the very broadest sense of the word. In Fort Worth, from November 7-9, we will be looking not only at our constant challenge to make the everyday transformations we perform as rich and productive as possible, but also at our potential to collectively transform society in powerful ways.

One of our keynote speakers, Dr. Richard Jackson, Hon. AIA, will talk about how we can be agents for transforming public health in America. Another keynote speaker, Craig Dykers, AIA, renowned founder of Snohetta, will talk about how his firm has taken on transformative projects in New York, like the museum at the World Trade Center site and the rejuvenation of Times Square. Both speakers will focus on the ability of architecture to transform lives and make a real difference in our culture.

We will also be examining the transformation of our profession that is happening around us every day. In the post-economic downturn era, we must focus on different markets, play different roles in the construction industry, team and collaborate in new formats, and design with expanded data and new tools. We have to be willing to transform the way we work.

Having participated in the Texas Architects Annual Convention very regularly over several decades, I can personally attest to the ability of this gathering to inspire and transform its attendees. It is great for recharging batteries, stimulating new ideas, and broadening perspectives. This will be the biggest and best convention we have ever mounted, with more than 30 tours and over 125 continuing education seminars. It will be a dynamic event for design professionals at any stage of their career, from emerging professionals to anyone about the hang up their T-square.

Come to Fort Worth in November and join us for a transformative convention!