Academic Members

In an effort to strengthen our bonds with schools of architecture, we’ve created the Academic Member designation.

For many years now, the American Institute of Architects has defined anyone possessing a professional degree in architecture that does not also possess an architectural license as an "Associate." Often an "Associate" is assumed to be someone who is on the track of gaining licensure, but has not done so yet.

We, the Texas component of the American Institute of Architects, want to elevate the status of architectural educators who so profoundly affect and inspire the state of architecture: an unlicensed educator should not be considered the equivalent of a recently graduated, unlicensed intern.

As such, the Texas Society of Architects has created the Academic Member category, which will offer educators and academics the opportunity to join our conversation and become involved under a category more descriptive of their role. This will essentially rename the "Associate" category for educators across Texas.

How To Join

In order to become an Academic Member, you must be an educator who possesses a degree in architecture but is not licensed, and you must already be a member of or join the AIA at the national, state, and local level. Then, you need to fill out and send in this consent form to change your designation to “Academic Member” for the Texas Society of Architects.

Please note that at the national level, you will still be considered an Associate.


The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is a three-tiered organization. Membership is required at the local, state, and national levels. Local component affiliation is assigned by zip code based on an individual's business or home address. Membership dues are calculated on a calendar year, January through December. New member dues are prorated quarterly. You must contact your local AIA component or AIA Information Central, 800-242-3837, to determine your annual membership dues.

You can join the AIA online or download an application from their website.

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