Advocates for Architecture Day 2013

Texas Architects’ second annual Advocates for Architecture Day — considered to be the next “best chance” members have to market their profession and protect their practice — is scheduled for January 29.

AAD2012: photo by Thomas McConnell
More than 200 Texas architects attended the inaugural Advocates for Architecture Day in 2011.
Encourage your chapter to attend in 2013 as a group.
Texas architects, Filo Castore, AIA, and Carolyn Mims Ogier, AIA, of Houston, strategized in the halls of the Capitol during the 2011 Advocates for Architecture Day.
Armed with talking points and a custom gift, Texas architects gathered in groups to meet with their Legislators and discuss the value of architecture.
“It’s all about relationship!” Architects are encouraged to think of their “meet and greet” legislative visits as an RFQ presentation—an initial marketing contact.
Representative Sarah Davis listened as Houston architects pointed out that "architecture increases investment value, creates community, comforts occupants, and defines a lasting identity."

“Advocacy is to politics as marketing is to practice,” said the Society’s Senior Advocate, David Lancaster. “If you don’t actively do it, your profession and your business suffer. 

“If you’re going after a project, you want to know as much about your potential client as possible,” he continued. “If you want to convince a public official on the merits of your argument, it’s easier to sell a friend than a stranger. Remember the old saw, ‘Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to start digging a well.’”

Over 200 members assembled in Austin January 25, 2011, for the first Advocates Day, and Lancaster says that with the high turnover in legislators since 2009 (50% of the state Representatives will be serving in their first or second session), architects would benefit from having double that number in 2013.

Texas Architects enjoyed perhaps its most successful session ever in 2011.  Virtually every item included on the ‘We Support’ priority list passed, and nothing on the ‘We Oppose’ list did. Among the programs passed were an “A/E Peace Accord” measure, High-Performance Building Standards, the consolidation of multiple codes dealing with Alternative Project Delivery into a single chapter of the Government Code, and a bill limiting overly broad indemnification clauses. 

“Consider that this is one day in the life of an architect — maybe for only two or three 15-minute meetings — but it can pay a lifetime of dividends to share with legislators the value of design, and the importance of architects and architecture to the public.” 

David Lancaster is the Senior Advocate for the Texas Society of Architects. 

Originally published in Texas Architect, November/December 2012

Register Now

Blanton Museum, Austin
9:00 am*
January 29, 2013

Legislative Visits:
Texas State Capitol
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm*
January 29, 2013

For more information, contact Ted Kozlowski.
*times approximate

by: David Lancaster, Hon. AIA

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