Buildings and Landscapes and Xylophones

In 2010 Lake|Flato completed work on the renovation of the Visual Arts Center at the University of Texas at Austin. Since its opening, the new facility has been getting a lot of use from its clever inhabitants who are continually exploring their building's capacity for exhibiting and generating art, both in ways it was designed for and also in ways that the design team never could have predicted.

by Lewis McNeel

A recent use of the building's architecture for artistic purposes came when Travis Weller of Austin's New Music Co-op was commissioned to compose and perform a piece of experimental music using the Visual Arts Center's new steel entry arbor as the solo instrument. Little did Lake|Flato know that it had designed not just a vine trellis and shade canopy for the building's new front door, but also a beautifully haunting kind of marimba/harp/zither/kazoo sound machine....

Listen on Lake|Flato's blog:

Image courtesy of Lake|Flato

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