Conference Emphasizes Practice in the Hinterlands

In February, a group of designers gathered in Midland to consider the challenges of producing top-flight architecture in a place far removed from the state’s larger urban areas. The event, dubbed “Architecture in the Hinterlands,” included an address by acclaimed Canadian architect Brian MacKay-Lyons that featured his work in remote Nova Scotia. View a video recap of the weekend here.

Architecture in the Hinterlands, 2012 Design Conference

Organized by the Design Committee of the Texas Society of Architects, the gathering also celebrated the residential design of Frank Welch, FAIA, who practiced in Midland through the 1960s until the early ’80s.

View the video above for a recap of the weekend.

Video and voice-over by Thomas McConnell, editing by Thomas McConnell and Elizabeth Hackler, narration written by Stephen Sharpe.

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