Fireside Chats for Emerging Professionals

Texas Architects presents Fireside Chats at the Society's 73rd Annual Convention in Austin, Oct. 18-20. Architecture's Emerging Professionals are invited to attend roundtable-style conversations with Frank Welch, FAIA; Max Levy, FAIA; Val Glitsch, FAIA; Larry Speck, FAIA; and Ted Flato, FAIA. If you're an emerging professional or architecture student looking for career advice, design insight, or thoughts about the future of Texas architecture, register to attend the Fireside Chats!

Fireside Chats
Frank Welch, FAIA
Max Levy, FAIA
Val Glitsch, FAIA
Larry Speck, FAIA
Ted Flato, FAIA

The Fireside Chats are scheduled from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm on Friday, Oct. 19, at the Austin Convention Center. Attendees may select one of the six roundtable Chats to attend, and each Chat will be restricted to a maximum of 25 attendees. Find registration information here

In addition, if you’re an Associate member who’s graduated from a school of architecture in the past 7 years, then you can attend the Annual Convention for free if you register by September 11! Either register online or fill out and send in the Emerging Professionals registration form. Both options can be found on the Annual Convention page.

Student members can also attend the Convention for free if registering by Sept. 11.

The 73rd Convention offers a wealth of other learning opportunites for Emerging Professionals and Architecture Students. A list of those courses and events  can be found here.

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