TxA Partner Membership Now Available

The Texas Society of Architects Board of Directors recently voted to create a new membership category, the Partner Member, with the goal of expanding and diversifying our discussion about architecture. Now available, this membership is open to non-architects interested in becoming involved with the Society.

: photo by Holly Reed

As part of our ongoing efforts to expand the discussion about architecture in Texas, the Texas Society of Architects has opted to create a new membership for those who wish to participate in our conversations and events, but are not architects themselves: the Partner Member.

Partner Members can be artists, engineers, landscape architects, urban planners, or simply advocates for architecture — if an individual is involved in architecture, or has a passion for the built environment, the Texas Society of Architects wants them at our table, to hear their opinions and thoughts in order to better the state of architecture in Texas.

Partner Members receive:

  • A subscription to Texas Architect, our bimonthy, award-winning magazine
  • Member discounts on seminars and convention registration
  • A subscription to Checkset, our weekly e-bulletin that keeps you informed on Texas Architects events and initiatives
  • A strong voice in the Texas Legislature through Texas Architects' active government affairs program
  • An opportunity to serve on Texas Architects committees

In addition to these benefits, many local components have allied with the Texas Society of Architects to expand these benefits to their own chapters, offering their own services and communications to their Partner Members. To review participating chapters and their dues rates, please click here [link to Partner Member Category page].

As this is the inaugural year for Partner Membership, all Partner Member dues for 2013 both state and local — will receive a free 50% reduction.

To join as a Partner Member, please download and fill out the application in its entirety, and send it in. For more information on our Partner Membership and which chapters have opted into the program, please visit our Partner Member page.

We hope all individuals passionate about architecture will join us, and encourage the growth and diversification of the conversation about Texas architecture.

Talk About It

About 4 years ago: Rivera

It seems to me that everyone noted above, with the exception of the artists, already has an organized voice in the Texas Legislature. Why are you offering them another venue?

About 4 years ago: Shannon Carpenter, AIA

I'm very curious to see which Texas Chapters will adopt this new membership. I'm just as curious to see the numbers for those that became Partner Members, after a year has passed. And after they have been a member for a year or so, I'd like to hear feedback regarding how this Partner Member status has helped them network and grow thier careers and businesses.

About 4 years ago: James R. Nader, FAIA

I believe this proposal is exactly what is needed to express our desire to increase our inclusiveness, and to broaden the conversation about architecture in Texas. We are offering additional opportunities for advocacy to others who may already have them, but we are also desirous to include their voices with ours in conversations with legislators.

Hopefully we will have a healthy response from Partners.

About 4 years ago: Robert Bennett,TxA Staff

Hi Rivera,

Well, the philosophy behind this initiative is that the primary reason one has associations and meetings of any kind is to share viewpoints and perspectives. Two different people come to the table to discuss something and, ideally, both listen to what the other has to say, and come away different.

As architecture and design is a subject that touches many, many different areas, and many different aspects of everyone's day to day lives, it was decided that the wise thing to do would be to try and include all the people and representatives involved in all those areas and aspects so that we could hear their viewpoints - and also so that they could hear ours.

So, yes, to an extent, we are allowing new voices at many of our venues. However, we're doing this in hopes that everyone can have a more involved perspective on the built environment - and hopefully that will result in better decisions made on behalf of everyone.