Talk About It

About 3 years ago: Perry E. Seeberger, AIA

David, well said! It seems that we are so focused on raising money for campaigns, we forget the most important thing - our VOTE!

All Architects should contribute something to TAC, even it is only $10 or $20. The least amount you should contribute is your VOTE!

Get involved!

About 3 years ago: Jeff Potter FAIA

An eloquent assessment, David. In some states, legislatures are targeting any regulation that invokes the word "planning" and I wonder if "design" is far behind. I'm confident that our profession can make its case (if not as advocates), through the marketplace, the media, or in conjunction with our increasing urbanity and shifting demographics. The darker cloud is, as you suggest, the erosion of civility. That renovation will be a substantially more difficult project.