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About 4 years ago: Bob Borson


I was also in the UT Longhorn Marching Band so to see that another architect was there is shocking to say the least. I only made it through my 3 years of architecture school before I left the band due to trying to find a balance between studio workload and the time it took for band rehearsals and losing a day every weekend to go to the games.

I also just got back from a trip Marfa and I find it satisfying that I'm not the only one who took pictures of walls there.

Great interview - thanks for sharing.

About 4 years ago: Darren Heine

Yes, the few, the proud, the architecture/band students. I was in all 5 years of architecture school. I really enjoyed being a part of a really great organization with the best of the best of the University. It was my stress reliever. I remember Peter Eisenman was intrigued by the band when he was in town for a lecture. He kept asking me about the different instrumentation numbers. A real numbers guy.

Marfa was great. Walls are great.

I really enjoy your blog.

About 4 years ago: Bob Roadcap

Darren -

Enjoyed reading about you ! I think we're getting old. You and I have been serving as Chapter Presidents and Directors for some time now! Guess I'll see you in Vancouver in about a month. A long way from Abilene, but should be nice up there. I'm bringing Michelle, hope we'll have time to catch up. Will Dayna be coming with you?

About 4 years ago: Darren

Hey Bob-
Dayna and I will be in Vancouver. We'll be there a couple days before the board meetings. You and I have been around a while but according to Thomas Mayne at the AIA Convention, we're still "kids" in the profession. Looking forward to seeing you in July.