Talk About It

About 3 years ago: Aline Yoldi

I really liked the painting, although couldn't find the woman or the airplane...most probably that's the idea: for you to look for it although it's not there. Painting is definitely a hobby you should pursue.

About 3 years ago: locksmith 24h el paso

Great interview! I really enjoyed reading it

About 3 years ago: Eva Read-Warden

I love hearing about the other fields architects would have or would pursue; it usually shows how diverse architects are, in both artistic and technical fields. In Helen's case, this seems to show she should have been an architect....when you have the talent to do other things, it makes you a good architect.

About 3 years ago: Oscar Cervantes

I fell out of my seat when I read...when tamales are in season.
I wish I thought of that line. Your knack for writing really shines through.