Talk About It

About 3 years ago: Jonathan Brown

The building for your answer to #9 is really cool, what is it?

About 3 years ago: Bob Borson

Nice twist on the answer format - nice job Kirby.

About 3 years ago: kirby

The building is called POPS (gas station, restaurant/soda fountain and store); located on route 66 that cuts across Oklahoma, located in the town of Arcadia(population 279).
By creating a unknown destination it's a bit of an homage to the essence of Route 66 in a modern language. Plus it's achievable; just up the road.

About 3 years ago: Christy

Trying to decipher #5. Is it from a piece of art or is it an image from a microscope?

About 3 years ago: kirby

item #5 is actually a photograph a friend took of a tree branch; it's that sophistication in simplicity that's intriguing (or daunting).

About 3 years ago: RS

Is this a challenge to future respondents?

Answering the questions with a quasi abstract work of art doubling as a post card is both pithy and inspired. The reader isn't fatigued by tediously long swamps of irrelevant, and easily forgotten, personal information. Instead, Kirby offers a tasty visual treat, titillating our minds as a symbolic answer key deciphering an architect.


About 3 years ago: franklin

career counselor? i usually expect 'artist' or 'chef'. that's interesting.

About 3 years ago: Gary

RS comments raise an interesting point; is the goal to raise awareness/interest in the individual. (as they choose to present themselves) or to create a dialogue in the expression of practicing architecture?
Leaving the response open-ended certainly leaves more room for dialogue; however not giving direct responses can be confusing.
Perhaps an abstract reply to objective questions will garner interactions; a challenge to think (proactive) a bit more (as opposed to simply reacting.)

About 3 years ago: JB

Gary - I think the dialogue is the point. It's some fresh points...intersting to read the comments and questions.

About 3 years ago: Nicholas McWhirter

Great job Kirby! Love the graphic. Inspiring!

About 3 years ago: Dana

Kudos my friend. :)