Talk About It

About 4 years ago: Andrew Hawkins, AIA

I am looking forward to this series. Great to learn about Architects in Texas from a different perspective.

And I love the self profession of being a nerd! Ditto!

About 4 years ago: Jonathan Brown

I love your comments on finding inspiration in everyday objects or unique industrial designs and materials. I was in Japan a few years ago and I've never seen such brilliantly designed and aesthetically pleasing traffic cones. Architects are among a narrow facet of humanity who geek out over fascinating parallels in design across wildly different mediums. Too cool.

About 4 years ago: Elissa Ling Richter

Interesting how a place like Hong Kong can be so quick to change, build, and develop overnight while still maintaining a sense of place and tradition.

About 4 years ago: Andrew Hawkins, AIA

I would agree. As architects we see design in a multitude of places that non architects do not. Also I think we have an ability to see something completely non architectural and somehow translate it into some architectural parallel or see how it could work in an architectural setting/use.

About 4 years ago: Shannon Carpenter, AIA

Even as a young architect, I have a deep admiration for those who still use pencil versus computer to sketch conceptual ideas and details. It is truly fascinating to watch someone draw a detail by hand – the art is lost once it’s placed in CAD or Revit. I agree with Andrew, I am looking forward to this series. You can learn so much from those around you!

About 4 years ago: Todd Howard

Great post. Thoroughly enjoyed the read.

About 4 years ago: Paul Dennehy

We are at all times the sum of our experiences. Nice of you to share you experience and who you are.

About 4 years ago: Larry Speck

Great piece on Scott. His work is beautiful.

About 4 years ago: Brett Wolfe

This is a great idea; I'm looking forward to more from this series!

About 4 years ago: Charlie Burris

This is a great idea and I hope you can keep it up. It's always fun to dig into other architects' heads to see what makes them comparison!