Talk About It

About 3 years ago: Brinn

Great reminder that life is what we make of it, and is always 'in session'. A good attitude is everything!

About 3 years ago: James Perry

Thanks for the comment. Michael is a very thoughtful presenter!

About 3 years ago: Brett Wolfe

Thanks for the great pep-talk Michael!

About 3 years ago: Charlie Burris

A master architectural "cheerleader" he is! He'll be a natural and most charismatic leader for us next year.

About 3 years ago: Michael Malone

Thank you, Brett! It was fun to be there with you peers and have the opportunity to speak. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

About 3 years ago: Connie G. Rivera

I just wanted to thank Michael for the words of inspiration at your visit to your chapter and mention that I couldn't have pulled off having it at that venue without the hard work of our Executive Director Debbie Montez and Laura Bennett, AIA.