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About 3 years ago: Jakexj9000

As an Architect, you are the person who advises your client on the best route to take to achieve their design goals, and often times, much more. How do you, as an expert advisor, decide when information can be gathered sufficiently from these many sources (simlpy gathering facts and data) versus consulting a subject matter expert within a given field (example: ask an Audio Video designer what aspects of a lighting control or energy management system will best suite your specific application)?

About 3 years ago: Jorge Farfan, PDR

Very interesting article Brinn. It has information that I can put in practice to get different topics in Architecture under different media. Thanks for sharing.

About 3 years ago: Brinn Miracle

@Jakexj9000 - Blogs and online media content must be treated as a source of information, just as individuals or company representatives would be - a singular source that must be vetted and compared to other sources for a broad coverage and accuracy of information. Online media presents a unique perspective and possible advantage in that it covers a wide range of topics in varying degrees of depth, and often with a personal perspective from those in the field. Most experts quickly establish themselves as such and can be vetted by their listed credentials, perceived experience (demonstrated through their writing, videos, or podcast content), and the way in which they respond to others in their online community. For myself, I tend to treat online content as a starting source and then seek out additional advice from local experts, or even from the content creator if I have more questions on a topic. Ultimately, online content should be treated as a supplementary knowledge source to those who are experts in a local market or niche. Thanks for commenting!

@Jorge - Thanks for reading and for the comment - I hope you find ways to implement using social media and discover great new content!

About 3 years ago: Andrew Hawkins

Its nice to see all the ways in which you can receive and retrieve content for useful knowledge. The internet is not always just a time wasting mechanism. You can learn things. And now, I know better ways to find the knowledge. Thanks!