Codes & Standards


To pursue the topic of a state building code; to monitor other code-related issues at the state and national levels to eliminate dual standards where possible; to monitor proposed legislation or regulations and recommend an appropriate response; and to develop one or more potential programs for the Texas Architects Convention.

Brian D. Roeder, AIA

Codes & Standards Chair
Page Southerland Page, LLP
5903 Carleen Dr.
Austin, TX 78757
Phone: (512)472-6721
Fax: (512)477-3211

Committee Members

  • Fernando L. Autrique, AIA
  • J. Hal Caton, AIA
  • Anne Hildenbrand, AIA
  • Bobby G. Horner, Assoc. AIA
  • Kathleen Kramer Jones
  • Kenneth M Jones, AIA
  • Keith A. Simon, AIA

Additional Members

  • David Lancaster, Staff Liaison