Executive Committee


The Texas Society of Architects Executive Committee

Paul M. Dennehy, AIA

Executive Committee Chair
Dennehy Architects
3464 Blue Bonnet Cir Ste A
Fort Worth, TX 76109
Phone: (817)689-4287
Fax: (817)922-9997

Committee Members

  • Theresa K. Drewell, AIA
  • Wendy Heger, AIA
  • Darren C. Heine, AIA
  • D. Michael Hellinghausen, AIA
  • Chris A. Hudson, AIA
  • Donna J. Kacmar, FAIA
  • Lisa W. Lamkin, FAIA
  • Audrey L. Maxwell, AIA
  • Mike McGlone, AIA
  • James T. Perry
  • Connie G. Rivera, AIA

Additional Members

  • Ex-Officio: James T. Perry