Young Public Awareness


To create, extend and promote programs that educate young people in the role of architecture as means to advance society; to facilitate exchange of information and best practices among programs in local chapters that place architects in K-12 schools to provide knowledge about the potential of architecture both as a profession and as a tool for cultural advancement; to promote the creation of individual courses and pre-professional courses in architecture in community colleges and universities that do not have professional architectural programs.

D. Andrew Vernooy, AIA

Young Public Awareness Chair
Black + Vernooy Architects
2823 23rd Street
Lubbock, TX 79410
Fax: (806)742-1400

Committee Members

  • Laura N. Bennett, AIA
  • Michael W. Butler
  • Robert Gonzalez, AIA
  • Darren C. Heine, AIA
  • Heather Pfaff Kyle, AIA
  • W. Travis Lucy, AIA
  • Brandon Young, AIA

Additional Members

  • James Perry, Staff Liaison