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 - photo by James Sherman

photo by James Sherman

INTERFACE: An Intelligent, Interactive 3-D Motion Control Framework and its Influence on the User-Space Relationship


James Sherman, The University of Texas at Austin


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1.00 HSW
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Friday, November 8, 2013
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Class Code: 64

Room / Location

Expo CE Area 1 / Expo Hall AB, Convention Center First Floor


This study seeks to investigate the influence that an intelligent, interactive interface between a building’s envelope and its inhabitants may have on the user’s occupation of space. Using the recently constructed Thermal Lab facilities located at the University of Texas at Austin, this relationship will be evaluated by exploring how the deployment of the motion control framework into one lab chamber affects both the phenomenal inhabitation of space and the level of user engagement with the interface. These variables will be compared with those measured in an identical test chamber with more traditional control methods.

Users will interact with the interface through an array of commercially available trackingsensors, which will pass proximity and gestural motion information to a software program. This program will be able to send control signals to a variety of different types of building systems (e.g. HVAC, electrochromic or “smart” glazing), though we will first test its ability to modulate the angle and vertical position of the lab chamber’s exterior, motorized blinds.

By developing a simple, intuitive language of gestures with which users can seamlessly interact with this particular envelope system, we hope to continue exploring the potential for the buildings of the future to create truly personal interior environments that are directly and immediately responsive to the demands of their occupants.


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