Second General Session: Cities and Our Shareable Future


Alex Steffen, Planetary Futurist in Residence, IDEO


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Saturday, November 8, 2014
9:45 am - 11:00 am
Class Code: 119

Room / Location

General Assembly Theater / GRB Convention Center

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Rogers-O'Brien Construction


Cities are the answer to climate change, energy challenges, and resource scarcity. How we grow our cities, how we choose to get around in them, how we provide housing, how well we incorporate nature into the places we live  these are the challenges that will largely determine our future... and the future of the planet. Steffen tackles the latest successful urban innovations and looks at how quality of life is actually improved in the process of retrofitting our cities for the seemingly impossible, yet surprisingly practical, goal of carbon neutrality.

About Alex Steffen

Alex Steffen is the Planetary Futurist in Residence at IDEO. He is also the author of "Carbon Zero: Imagining Cities That Can Save the Planet" and the visionary behind Worldchanging.com, which under his leadership became the second-largest sustainability website in the world. Steffen is the thinking person's optimist. He has been named to numerous lists of leading innovators and has served as an adviser to more than 100 NGOs and businesses, exploring "bright green" strategies to help them thrive in a complex and turbulent future. "The really shocking truth for most of us isn't how bad things are," says Steffen, "it's how good things can get."



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