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<em>(top row)</em> Tarrant County College Trinity River East Campus; <em>(bottom row)</em> Omni Hotel; Historic 7th Street corridor - photos by John Roberts, AIA

(top row) Tarrant County College Trinity River East Campus; (bottom row) Omni Hotel; Historic 7th Street corridor - photos by John Roberts, AIA

Tour C: Downtown Fort Worth Walking Tour


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Thursday, November 7, 2013
8:00 am - 10:00 am
Class Code: 4

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Grand Lobby / Convention Center First Floor


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Tour Guide: John Roberts, AIA, Halbach•Dietz Architects

This tour is a general walking excursion of Downtown Fort Worth providing a brief architectural history of the city’s Central Business District. Starting at the Fort Worth Convention Center, the first stop will be the Omni Fort Worth Hotel, the Convention’s headquarters hotel, which was just about to open at the time of the last Texas Architects Annual Convention in Fort Worth, held in 2008. The next stop is a public parking garage where public art was integrated into the design, featuring displays of color, light, and sound. 

Along the way, we will see important works by Fort Worth architects Sanguinet & Staats and Wyatt C. Hedrick. These architects designed and built almost all of the historic buildings in the 7th Street corridor. Throughout most of the 20th century, 7th Street was the home of most of the city’s skyscrapers. 

The next main stop along the tour is Sundance Square, which started out as a two-block restoration area and expanded to some 34 blocks of restored buildings and new construction. The tour will cover the original project as well as many of the other buildings purchased at a later date and then restored. Sundance features retail, entertainment, and restaurants on the ground floors of the buildings, with offices or residences in the upper floors. In 2012, construction started on three new buildings, two of which frame a new public plaza that will ultimately put the “Square” in Sundance Square. The plaza was built on the site of two surface parking lots. 

As the tour moves northward, several Tarrant County buildings will be viewed and discussed, the most notable of which is the Tarrant County Courthouse, which was restored from the main roof down in 1984. At that time, there was not enough money to restore the clock tower and dome, but the County completed that project in 2012. Currently, the Civil Courts Building, which was added to the west of the Courthouse in 1956, is being demolished, and plans are underway to replace the demolished west portico. When that project is completed, the Courthouse will be fully restored. A new Civil Courts Building is currently under construction. 

Finally, the tour will culminate with a walk through the new Tarrant County College Trinity River East Campus. The campus was designed with a sunken plaza and the buildings cascading down the Trinity River Bluff. The modern campus is a stark contrast to the Courthouse across the street.


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