Honor Awards

The Texas Society of Architects conducts an annual Honor Awards program recognizing exceptional members, firms, individuals, and organizations for their outstanding achievements in support of the profession of architecture, the built environment, and the quality of life in Texas.

2017 Honor Awards: Nominations Due June 19

TxA is now accepting nominations for our 2017 Honor Awards, in the categories listed below. Entries can be mailed in to the TxA office or submitted using a file transfer service. Instructions are provided in the nomination materials.

Honor Award Categories

  • Medal for Lifetime Achievement
  • Architecture Firm Award
  • Award for Community Service
  • Award for Outstanding Educational Contributions
  • Award for Young Professional Achievement
  • Associate Member of the Year
  • Mentorship Award
  • Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Architecture through the Media
  • Citation of Honor
  • Artisan Award
  • Honorary Membership
  • 25-Year Award

Selections will be made by our 2017 Honor Awards Committee, which will meet in July to jury the entries. Recipients will be announced on the TxA website and in social media in early August. Award recipients will be recognized during our 78th Annual Convention and Design Expo, to be held in Austin on November 9–11.

Questions? Send us an email.

The Medal for Lifetime Achievement in Honor of Llewellyn W. Pitts, FAIA

The Society's highest honor, the Medal for Lifetime Achievement is awarded to recognize a TxA member for a lifetime of distinguished leadership and dedication in architecture and the community. The medal isawarded in memory of Llewellyn W. Pitts, FAIA, who served as TxA president in 1961 and was an influential and dedicated AIA leader.

  • 2016 Sinclair Black, FAIA, Austin
  • 2015 Bryce A. Weigand, FAIA, Dallas
  • 2014 John V. Nyfeler, FAIA, Austin
  • 2013 Reagan W. George, FAIA, Dallas/Willow City
  • 2012 Charles R. Tapley, FAIA, Houston
  • 2011 Tommy N. Cowan, FAIA, Austin
  • 2010 Ray B. Bailey, FAIA, Houston
  • 2009 Carolyn S. Peterson, FAIA, San Antonio
  • 2008 Velpeau ‘Vel’ E. Hawes, Jr., FAIA, Dallas
  • 2007 Ronald L. Skaggs, FAIA, FACHA, Dallas
  • 2006 Frank D. Welch, FAIA, Dallas
  • 2005 Bill D. Smith, FAIA, Dallas
  • 2004 Boone Powell, FAIA, San Antonio
  • 2003 Jim Doche, FAIA, Amarillo
  • 2002 Charles Harper, FAIA, Wichita Falls
  • 2001 Lee Roy Hahnfeld, FAIA, Fort Worth
  • 2000 E.G. Hamilton, FAIA, Dallas
  • 1999 Zeb Rike, AIA, McAllen
  • 1998 Hal Box, FAIA, Austin
  • 1997 James D. Tittle, FAIA, Abilene
  • 1996 Alan Y. Taniguchi, FAIA, Austin
  • 1995 John Only Greer, FAIA, Bryan
  • 1994 Pat Y. Spillman, FAIA, Dallas
  • 1993 Robert H. LeMond, FAIA, Fort Worth
  • 1992 Seth I. Morris, FAIA, Houston
  • 1991 Thomas L. McKittrick, FAIA, Houston
  • 1990 James A. Clutts, FAIA, Dallas
  • 1989 Benjamin E. Brewer, Jr., FAIA, Houston
  • 1988 Theodore S. Maffi tt, Jr., FAIA, Palestine
  • 1987 Terrell R. Harper, FAIA, Dallas
  • 1986 Jay W. Barnes, FAIA, Austin
  • 1985 George F. Pierce, Jr., FAIA, Houston
  • 1984 Preston M. Geren, Jr., FAIA, Fort Worth
  • 1983 Edwin Carroll, FAIA, El Paso
  • 1982 Bartlett Cocke, FAIA, San Antonio
  • 1981 David R. Braden, FAIA, Dallas
  • 1980 William W. Caudill, FAIA, Houston
  • 1979 Howard R. Barr, FAIA, Austin
  • 1978 O'Neil Ford, FAIA, San Antonio
  • 1977 Milton B. McGinty, FAIA, and John M. McGinty, FAIA, Houston
  • 1976 Thomas A. Bullock, FAIA, Houston
  • 1975 Philip Creer, FAIA, Aus tin
  • 1974 Douglas E. Steinman, FAIA, Beaumont
  • 1973 Mace Tungate, FAIA, Houston
  • 1972 Daniel Boone, FAIA, Abilene
  • 1971 Preston M. Bolton, FAIA, Houston
  • 1970 George Harrell, FAIA, Dallas
  • 1969 Reginald Roberts, FAIA, San Antonio
  • 1968 R. Max Brooks, FAIA, Austin

Architecture Firm Award

Awarded to a member firm that has consistently produced distinguished architecture for at least 10 years, this is the highest honor the Society can bestow upon a firm. The Honor Awards Committee will focus its evaluation on the quality of the firm's architecture and the firm's contributions to AIA, the profession, and the community. Firms practicing under the leadership of either a single principal or several principals are eligible for the award. In addition, firms that have been reorganized and whose name has been changed or modified are also eligible, as long as the firm has been in operation for a period of at least 10 years.

  • 2016 Miró Rivera Architects, Austin
  • 2015 Gensler
  • 2014 Alamo Architects, San Antonio
  • 2013 McKinney York Architects, Austin
  • 2012 Kirksey Architecture, Houston
  • 2011 Richter Architects, Corpus Christi
  • 2010 Overland Partners, San Antonio
  • 2009 PageSoutherlandPage, Austin/Dallas/Houston
  • 2008 Marmon Mok, San Antonio
  • 2007 Gideon Toal, Fort Worth
  • 2006 Oglesby • Greene, Dallas
  • 2005 Rey de le Reza Architects, Houston
  • 2004 Lake|Flato Architects
  • 2003 Tittle Luther Partnership
  • 2002 HKS, Dallas
  • 2001 Ray Bailey Architects, Houston
  • 2000 Omniplan, Dallas
  • 1999 Ford, Powell & Carson, San Antonio
  • 1998 Frank Welch & Associates, Dallas
  • 1997 Hahnfeld Associates Architects/Planners, Fort Worth
  • 1996 Moore/Andersson Architects, Austin

Award for Community Service in Honor of James D. Pfluger, FAIA

Awarded to an individual member for an extended commitment to community service or significant contribution evidenced in a positive impact on urban, environmental, or neighborhood issues. Nominees may be architects who use their practice to enhance their community. The award is named in honor of James D. Pfluger, FAIA, whose community service extended over a lifetime of commitment, resulting in significant community enhancements.

  • 2016 Paul Dennehy, AIA, Fort Worth
  • 2015 R. Lawrence Good, FAIA, Dallas
  • 2014 Marcel Quimby, FAIA, Dallas
  • 2013 Tom Hatch, FAIA, Austin
  • 2012 Albert 'Irby' Hightower, Jr., FAIA, San Antonio
  • 2011 Sinclair Black, FAIA, Austin
  • 2010 Juan E. Cotera, FAIA, Austin
  • 2009 Craig Reynolds, FAIA, Dallas
  • 2008 Bob L. Meckfessel, FAIA, Dallas
  • 2007 Laurie Limbacher, AIA, Austin
  • 2006 Philip C. Henderson, FAIA, Dallas
  • 2005 Girard Kinney, Austin
  • 2004 John V. Nyfeler, FAIA, Austin
  • 2003 Donna D. Carter, Austin
  • 2002 Randall C. Gideon, FAIA, Fort Worth

Award for Outstanding Educational Contributions in Honor of Edward J. Romieniec, FAIA

This honor is awarded in memory of Edward J. Romieniec, FAIA, a former professor and dean of architecture at Texas A&M University. A nominees must be a current or former member of the faculty at one of the eight accredited Texas schools of architecture, and must have been a full-time educator for at least five years. Criteria includes: teaching of great breadth; influencing a wide range of students; and the ability to maintain relevance through the years by directing students toward the future while drawing on the past. It is expected that a candidate teaching courses in architecture be an AIA member.

  • 2016 Not Awarded
  • 2015 Juan Miró, FAIA, Austin
  • 2014 Don Gatzke, University of Texas at Arlington
  • 2013 Elizabeth A. Danze, FAIA, University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture
  • 2012 Joseph Mashburn, FAIA, University of Houston
  • 2011 Diane B. Hays, FAIA, University of Texas San Antonio
  • 2010 John J. Casbarian, FAIA, Houston, Rice University
  • 2009 Sue Ann Pemberton-Haugh, FAIA, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • 2008 Edward M. Baum, FAIA, Dallas Architectural Forum/University of Texas at Arlington
  • 2007 Dr. Ikhlas Sabouni, Assoc. AIA, Prairie View A&M University
  • 2006 Barry M. Moore, FAIA, University of Houston
  • 2005 Lawrence W. Speck, FAIA, University of Texas at Austin
  • 2004 Geoffrey J. Brune, University of Houston
  • 2003 Julius Gribou, University of Texas at San Antonio
  • 2002 David Heymann, University of Texas at Austin
  • 2001 Eugene George, Jr., University of Texas at San Antonio
  • 2000 Rodney Hill, Texas A&M University
  • 1999 D. Andrew Vernooy, University of Texas at Austin
  • 1998 Natalie de Blois, FAIA, University of Texas at Austin
  • 1997 Richard B. Ferrier, FAIA, University of Texas at Arlington
  • 1996 John P. White, Texas Tech University
  • 1995 David G. Woodcock, FAIA, Texas A&M University
  • 1994 Drury Blake Alexander, University of Texas at Austin
  • 1993 Burdette W. Keeland, Jr., University of Houston
  • 1992 Elinor Evans, University of Houston
  • 1991 Willard B. Robinson, Texas Tech University
  • 1990 Alan L. Stacell, Texas A&M University
  • 1989 John Only Greer, FAIA, Texas A&M University
  • 1988 Hal Box, FAIA, University of Texas at Austin
  • 1987 James E. White, Texas Tech University
  • 1986 Anderson Todd, FAIA, Rice University
  • 1985 Edward J. Romieniec, FAIA, Texas A&M University

Award for Young Professional Achievement in Honor of William W. Caudill, FAIA

This award recognizes a member for professional achievement in leadership development during the early years of practice. It is awarded in memory of William W. Caudill, FAIA, recipient of the 1985 AIA Gold Medal and a pioneer of architectural design, practice, and leadership and service to the organization and community. Architect members of AIA who have been licensed to practice less than 10 years by the submittal deadline, and who are currently registered in the State of Texas, are eligible. The nominee should be a role model who: goes beyond the call of duty in service to the profession; influences improvement in the organization at the state level; encourages participation among fellow members and nonmembers; exemplifies qualities of leadership; and exemplifies qualities of professional practice.

  • 2016 Jennifer Workman, AIA, Dallas
  • 2015 Brantley Hightower, AIA, San Antonio
  • 2014 Brian H. Griggs, AIA, Amarillo
  • 2013 Mark Schatz, AIA, Houston
  • 2012 Elizabeth M. Price, AIA, Brenham
  • 2011 Melissa Brandrup, El Paso
  • 2010 James M. Evans, AIA, Houston
  • 2009 Paul A. Bielamowicz, Austin
  • 2008 Camilo Parra, AIA, Houston
  • 2007 Michael D. Morton, AIA, Houston
  • 2006 Lonnie D. Hoggeboom, AIA, Houston
  • 2005 Shannon Kraus, Dallas
  • 2004 Mark H. Dabney, Fort Worth
  • 2003 Alicia C. Treviño, San Antonio
  • 2002 Chris M. Noack, Austin
  • 2001 Michael Imber, San Antonio
  • 2000 Donna Kacmar, Houston
  • 1999 Jacqueline G. Dodson, Austin
  • 1998 Ben Heimsath, Austin
  • 1997 Thomas Hayne Upchurch, Austin
  • 1996 Donald R. Kubala, Dallas
  • 1995 Gabriel Durand-Hollis, San Antonio
  • 1994 Maricela Rodriguez Barr, Austin
  • 1993 Emily Little, Austin
  • 1992 Heather McKinney, Austin
  • 1991 Richard P. Martinez, Austin
  • 1990 Jan Gaede Blackmon, Dallas

Associate Member of the Year

This Honor Awards is presented to an individual Associate AIA member who best exemplifies the highest qualities of leadership and has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to Texas or to his or her component chapter.

  • 2016 R. Wilson Hanks, Assoc. AIA, Austin
  • 2015 Beau J. Frail, Assoc. AIA, Austin
  • 2014 Chris Grossnicklaus, Assoc. AIA, Dallas
  • 2013 Steven Marrone, Assoc. AIA, San Antonio
  • 2012 Cesar Gallegos, Associate AIA, El Paso
  • 2011 Yesenia M. Blandon, Dallas
  • 2010 Mary E. Foley, Associate AIA, Dallas
  • 2009 Tiffany Robinson Long, San Antonio
  • 2008 Arthur S. Calcaterra, Fort Worth
  • 2007 D. Jamie Crawley, Austin
  • 2006 Jason E. Puchot, Houston
  • 2005 Horeya A. Hilmy, McAllen
  • 2004 Amy Hammons, Austin
  • 2003 Jason M. Adams, Fort Worth
  • 2002 Elizabeth M. Price, Bryan

Mentorship Award

Established in 2011, the Mentorship Award is a combination of the Texas Society of Architects Associate Mentorship and Texas Society of Architects Associate Special Merit Awards that were first awarded in 2002. It is awarded to a Texas Society of Architects member or a Texas AIA chapter for developing unique programming for the successful development of Associate AIAs, or for an extraordinary effort to mentor and promote the advancement of these professionals at the local or state level.

  • 2016 AIA Dallas Latinos in Architecture Network
  • 2015 Debra J. Dockery, AIA, San Antonio
  • 2013 AIA Dallas Emerging Leaders Program, Dallas
  • 2009 Gary Dunn, Houston
  • 2008 Jonathan Benson Smith, AIA, San Antonio
  • 2003 Lonnie Hoogeboom, Houston
  • 2002 Michael D. Hovar, McAllen

Award for Excellence in the Promotion of Architecture through the Media in Honor of John G. Flowers, Hon. AIA

Awarded to recognize an individual or organization for excellence in the promotion of architecture through the media. Awarded in memory of the Society's first executive vice president.

  • 2016 The Building Arts Group, San Antonio
  • 2015 Bob Borson, AIA, Dallas
  • 2014 Canan Yetmen, Austin; Gaile Robinson, Fort Worth
  • 2013 Texas Foundation for the Arts, Houston
  • 2012 Jerome Weeks, Dallas – Art & Seek Program
  • 2012 Helen Thompson, writer/editor, Austin
  • 2011 Richard Payne, FAIA, photographer, Houston
  • 2010 Paul Hester, photographer, Hester + Hardaway, Fayetteville; AIA San Antonio and San Antonio Express-News "Building San Antonio" newspaper column
  • 2009 AIA Dallas authors: Marcel Quimby, FAIA, Dennis Stacy, FAIA, and Willis Winters, FAIA; Lawrence Holdren Connolly, Writer, Austin
  • 2008 Patsy Pittman Light, author, San Antonio; Tracy Self and Joe Self, AIA, Fort Worth public radio
  • 2007 Thomas Diehl, University of Houston
  • 2006 Tracey Lehmann, San Antonio; South Texas Public Broadcasting, Corpus Christi
  • 2005 Maria Watson Pfeiffer, San Antonio; Stephen Sharpe, Austin; Willis Cecil Winters, AIA, Dallas
  • 2004 Carol Roark, Fort Worth; Corpus Christi Caller Times, Corpus Christi; Tribeza Magazine, Austin
  • 2003 John T. Roberts, Fort Worth; Frank Welch, FAIA, Dallas
  • 2002 W. Mark Gunderson, Fort Worth; KERA Radio Unlimited, 90.1, Dallas; Mary Carolyn Hollers George, San Antonio; Austin Chronicle, Austin
  • 2001 Lewis Fisher, San Antonio; Lauraine Miller, Corpus Christi
  • 2000 Heywood Sanders, San Antonio; Reed Kroloff, New York
  • 1999 Michael Barnes, Austin; Mike Greenberg, San Antonio
  • 1998 Elizabeth Chu Richter, Corpus Christi; Dallas Morning News, Mike Clark-Madison, Austin; Patricia Cummings Loud, Fort Worth
  • 1997 Lee and Virginia McAlester, Dallas
  • 1996 Larry Paul Fuller, Hon. TSA, Austin
  • 1995 Craig D. Blackmon, FAIA, Dallas; Lisa Germany, Austin; Gerald Moorhead, FAIA, Houston
  • 1994 Joel W. Barna, Texas Architect, Austin; William F. Stern, Cite, Houston
  • 1993 Barry N. Moore, FAIA, Houston Chronicle, Cite, Houston
  • 1992 Tom Spencer, KLRU-TV, Austin
  • 1980 Ann Holmes, Houston Chronicle, Houston; David Dillon, D Magazine, Dallas; Gary James, KPRC-TV, Houston; Ray Miller, KPRC-TV, Houston; Bill Springer, KPRC-TV, Houston
  • 1979 Harold Scarlett, Houston Post, Houston; David Dillon, Texas Homes, Dallas; Jane Horwitz, WFAA-TV, Dallas; Dave O'Brien, KBOX, Dallas
  • 1978 Mimi Crossley, Houston Post, Houston; Jane Sumner, D Magazine, Dallas; Patsy Swank, KERA-TV, Dallas
  • 1977 Ann Holmes, Houston Chronicle, Houston; Karleen Koen, Houston Home & Garden, Houston; Ray Miller, KPRC-TV, Houston; Dave O'Brien, KBOX, Dallas
  • 1976 Elise Kowert, Fredericksburg Standard, Austin; John Merwin, D Magazine, Dallas; Ray Miller, KPRC-TV, Houston; Ben Slack, KNET, Northeast Texas
  • 1975 Gay McFarland, Houston Post, Houston; James Stanley Walker, Texas Monthly, Austin; Ray Miller, KPRC-TV, Houston
  • 1974 Ann Holmes, Houston Post, Houston
  • 1973 Gay McFarland, Houston Post, Houston
  • 1971 Hans Suter, Corpus Christi Caller-Times; Patsy Swank, KERA-TV, Dallas; Joe Coffer, KXYZ, Houston

Citation of Honor

Awarded to groups, organizations, or individuals outside the profession whose activities make significant contributions to the goals of the architectural profession for improvement of the natural or built environment in Texas.

  • 2016 Downtown Dallas Inc.
  • 2015 Klyde Warren Park/Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation, Dallas
  • 2014 Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Dallas; The University of Texas–Pan American Office of the President, Edinburg
  • 2013 The City of Bryan, Texas; Jubilee Park and Community Center, Dallas; The Trail Foundation, Austin; San Antonio River Foundation, San Antonio
  • 2012 Susan Allen Kline, Fort Worth; The City of McKinney
  • 2011 Brownsville Historical Association, Brownsville; Sundance Square Management, Fort Worth
  • 2010 City of Fort Worth - Fort Worth Public Art; Lawrence V. Lof, University of Texas at Brownsville; Louise Hopkins Underwood, Lubbock
  • 2009 Dallas Parks & Recreation Department and National Audubon Society: The Trinity River Audubon Center: San Antonio Botanical Society and San Antonio Botanical Garden: Terrific Tree Houses Exhibit.
  • 2008 City of Tyler, “Tyler 21” Comprehensive Plan; Friends of the Parks | San Antonio Parks Foundation, Japanese Tea Garden restoration, San Antonio
  • 2007 Charles Moore Center for the Study of Place, Austin; Houston Mod, Houston; Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas; Trinity Commons Foundation, Dallas
  • 2006 Vision North Texas Partnership, Fort Worth, Blueprint Houston, Houston, Preservation Texas, Austin
  • 2005 Downtown Austin Alliance, Austin; ACME Brick Company; Tarrant Regional Water District, Fort Worth; Rice Design Alliance, Houston
  • 2004 Historic Fort Worth, Fort Worth; Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program, Austin
  • 2003 Abilene Reinvestment Zone One, Abilene; Buffalo Bayou Partnership, Houston; City of Dallas Parks & Recreation, Dallas; The Downtown Alliance, San Antonio; Hyde Park Neighborhood Association, Austin; Katy Corridor Coalition, Katy
  • 2002 Skyline Architectural Magnet High School, Dallas; City of San Antonio Public Art and Design Enhancement Program, San Antonio; Avenue Community Development Corp., Houston; City of Austin Art in Public Places, Austin
  • 2001 BRIT (Botanical Research Institute of Texas), Fort Worth; The Dallas Architecture Forum, Dallas; DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit), Dallas; Foundation for Women's Resources, Dallas; Lubbock Habitat for Humanity Chapter, Lubbock; Monticello Park Historic District, San Antonio; Post Properties, Inc., Austin
  • 2000 Hearts and Hammers, Inc., Dallas; Friends of Herman Park and City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department, Houston; Harwood International, Dallas; Associated General Contractors (Dallas Chapter), Dallas; Fort Worth Southside Development District, Inc., Fort Worth; The Nature Conservancy of Texas, Inc., San Antonio; Casa Verde Builders, Austin
  • 1999 Monte Vista Historical Association, San Antonio; Cultural Arts Council of Houston/Harris County; MayFest, Inc., Fort Worth; Preservation Dallas and Herman Miller, Inc., Dallas; Green Building Program, Austin
  • 1998 Southeast Austin Neighbors, Austin; City of Dallas Intown Housing Program, Texas Military Facilities Commission, Dallas; New Hope Housing, Inc., Houston
  • 1997 Barbara Hesse Odum, San Angelo; Texas Parks and Wildlife, Austin; Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Society, Dallas; Edinburg 2020 Vision-Design of the City, Edinburg; Lubbock Heritage Society, Lubbock
  • 1996 Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show, Fort Worth; University of Texas at Austin, Robert M. Berdahl, Austin
  • 1995 Dallas Institute of Humanities & Culture and James Pratt, FAIA, Dallas; Upper Kirby District Association, Houston; Heart of Tyler/Main Street Project, Tyler
  • 1994 Junior League of Lubbock, Lubbock; The Architectural Management Division of the City of Austin; Lera Millard Thomas/The Communities Foundation of Texas, Dallas
  • 1993 Plemons-Eakle Neighborhood Association, Amarillo; Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston; The Greater Caddo Lake Association, Inc., Karnack; Franklin County Historical Association, Mount Vernon
  • 1992 Annies's Attic, Northeast Texas; Fort Worth Garden Club, Fort Worth
  • 1991 Abilene Preservation League, Abilene; CITE: The Architecture and Design Review of Houston, Houston; Texas Highways, Austin; Texas Dogwood Trails, Northeast Texas
  • 1990 Friends of Fair Park, Dallas; Historic Preservation Council for Tarrant County, Texas, Fort Worth; Trees for Houston, Houston; City of Pittsburg/Main Street Project, Northeast Texas; The Society for the Restoration and Preservation of the Bonner-Whitaker-McClendon House, Northeast Texas; San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, West Texas
  • 1988 National Wildflower Research Center, Austin/Houston; Downtown Fort Worth, Inc., Fort Worth; Farish Gallery, Houston; Harris County Parks System, Houston; San Antonio Botanical Center Society, San Antonio
  • 1987 The Armand Bayou Nature Center, Houston; Harrison County Historical and Conservation Societies, Northeast Texas; King William Association, San Antonio; Beaumont U. S. A., Southeast Texas
  • 1986 Meadows Foundation of/for Texas, Dallas; Dallas County Heritage Society, Dallas; Clean Houston's Clean Builder Program, Houston; Central Houston, Inc., Houston; Ranching Heritage Center, Lubbock
  • 1985 1981-1983 Tarrant County Commissioners Court, Fort Worth; Junior League of Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi; Austin Parks and Recreation Department, Austin
  • 1984 City of Dallas and the Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas; Houston Municipal Arts Comission, Houston; Jesse Allen Wise Garden Club, Jefferson, Northeast Texas; The Park People, Houston; San Antonio Conservation Society, San Antonio; South Main Center Association, Houston
  • 1983 San Antonio Development Agency, San Antonio; Fort Worth Park Board and Fort Worth Parks & Recreation, Fort Worth
  • 1982 Houston Chamber of Commerce, Houston; San Antonio Museum Association, San Antonio; Thos. S. Byrne, Fort Worth; Northwood Institute, Dallas
  • 1981 The Garden Club of Houston, Houston; The River Oaks Garden Club, Houston; Save Open Space, Dallas
  • 1980 Bayou Preservation Association, Houston; Myrick-Newman-Dahlberg & Partners, Dallas; San Antonio River Association, San Antonio; Texas Heritage, Inc., Fort Worth
  • 1979 Donald S. Henderson, El Paso; Ray Salazar, El Paso; Mr. and Mrs. George P. Mitchell, Houston; Elmer Conrad True, San Antonio; Billboards, Limited!, Houston; Harris County Heritage Society, Houston; Historic Preservation League, Dallas; Las Colinas Corporation, Dallas; Rice Design Alliance, Houston; Center for Civic Leadership, University of Dallas
  • 1978 Dr. Phillip G. Hoffman, Houston; Robert H. Hugman, San Antonio; Dr. Rupert N. Richardson, Abilene; Frances Sturgis, Waco; Houston Home & Garden, Houston; Houston Urban Bunch, Houston; City of San Antonio, San Antonio
  • 1977 Land Commissioner Bob Armstrong, Austin; Mr. and Mrs. George Brown, Houston
  • 1976 Dallas County Community District, Dallas; The Heritage Society of Austin, Austin; Sid Richardson Foundation, Fort Worth
  • 1975 James E. Bertram, Lubbock; Scott Fikes, Fort Worth; George E. Kana, Houston; Raymond D. Nasher, Dallas; Amon G. Carter Foundation, Fort Worth; Center for Urban and Environmental Studies, SMU, Dallas; Franklin Savings Association, Austin
  • 1974 Michael Frary, Austin; Atty. Gen. and Mrs. John Hill, Austin; Kay and Velma Kimbell, Fort Worth; George M. Schrader, Dallas; Cullen Foundation, Houston; Galveston Historical Foundation, Houston
  • 1973 Dr. Bryghte D. Godbold, Dallas; Ethel Wilson Harris, San Antonio; Erle White, Wichita Falls; Preservation of Armand Bayou Committee, Houston; San Antonio Conservation Society, San Antonio
  • 1972 Mr. and Mrs. John de Menil, Houston; Geraldine Watson, Northeast Texas; Fort Worth Streams and Valleys Committee, Fort Worth; Texas Instruments, Dallas
  • 1971 Ima Hogg, Houston; Erik Jonsson, Dallas; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McDermott, Dallas

Artisan Award

  • 2014 Escobedo Construction, Buda; Haley-Greer, Dallas
  • 2013 Gate Precast Company, Hillsboro; Curtis R. Hunt III, Elmendorf; Mark Maček, Austin
  • 2012 James B. Cinquemani, Dallas
  • 2011 Kathleen Ash, Studio K Glassworks, Manchaca; Brad Oldham, Brad Oldham International, Dallas
  • 2010 Brochsteins, Houston; Malou Flato, San Antonio; Gini Garcia, Gini Garcia Art Glass, San Antonio; Potter Art Metal Studios, Dallas; Jeff G. Smith, Architectural Stained Glass, Fort Davis
  • 2009 Havel Ruck Projects, Houston-Dan Havel, Dean Ruck; Legge Lewis Legge, Austin-Murray Legge, Deborah Lewis, Andrea Legge
  • 2006 Mary "Cisi" Canales Jary, San Antonio
  • 2005 Monte Patrick Trenckmann, Bryan/College Station
  • 2004 Carlos Cortes, San Antonio
  • 2002 Smith Studios, Fort Worth
  • 2001 Michael Reznikoff, Fort Worth; Roland Rodriguez, San Antonio
  • 2000 Britt Medford, Austin
  • 1999 George Cisneros, San Antonio; Brad Goldberg and American Terrazzo Company, Dallas; Lars Stanley, Austin

Associate Special Merit Award

Awarded to a Texas Society of Architects architect member, chapter, firm, or organization for developing unique and successful programming for the promotion of associate members in Texas or their component chapter.

  • 2010 AIA Fort Worth Associates Forum, "Exploring Architecture" Program
  • 2008 AIA San Antonio’s Professional Practice Leadership Program, Founded by Steve Patmon, AIA
  • 2007 AIA Dallas Associates Committee, Dallas
  • 2006 Paul A. Bielamowicz, Austin
  • 2004 AIA San Antonio Intern/Associate Committee
  • 2003 AIA Lower Rio Grande Valley
  • 2002 AIA Houston Associates Forum

Other Awards

  • 2016 Presidential Citations: James T. Perry, EVP/CEO, Texas Society of Architects; Carmen Perez Garcia, Hon. AIA, LRGV-AIA
  • 2015 Presidential Citations: Sandra Dennehy, AIA, Fort Worth; Dennis Stacy, FAIA, "History and Directory of Texas Fellows"
  • 2010 President’s Award - Most Valuable Member: Tommy N. Cowan, FAIA, Austin
  • 2005 Presidential Citation: Elaine Petrus, Hon. TSA, Fort Worth
  • 2002 Presidential Citation: Bob Phillips, Dallas
  • 2000 Presidential Citations: Society of Design Administrators, Texas Chapters; Julius Gribou, College Station
  • 1999 Presidential Awards for Architects in Community Service: Ralph C. Bender, FAIA, San Antonio; Walter R. Kilroy, Dallas
  • 1996 Presidential Citation: AIA Houston, "Designing for Change"; Presidential Citation: AIA San Antonio, Environmental Design Charrette
  • 1982 President's Award - Most Valuable Member: Robert LeMond, FAIA, Fort Worth
  • 1982 President's Award - Most Valuable Chapter: El Paso Chapter
  • 1978 Special Award: Curtis R. Hunt, Jr., San Antonio
  • 1976 Special Award: Jim and Betty Bradley, Dallas; Emily Edwards, San Antonio; Evaline Sellors, Fort Worth
  • 1973 Special Award: Gilbert Garza, San Antonio

Honorary Members

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25-Year Award

Visit our 25-Year Award page to see list of past recipients in this category.