Partner Members

Partner Membership is intended for individuals who are not architects but would like to be involved in our discussions and events about the state of architecture. Partner Members can be artists, engineers, landscape architects, urban planners, or simply advocates for architecture.

Partner Members receive:

  • A subscription to Texas Architect, our bimonthy, award-winning magazine
  • Member discounts on seminars and convention registration
  • A subscription to CheckSet, our e-newsletter that keeps you informed on Texas Architects events and initiatives
  • A strong voice in the Texas Legislature through Texas Architects' active Government Affairs program
  • An opportunity to serve on Texas Architects committees

This membership is different from the Corporate Allied Membership in that it is an individual membership and is strictly participation-oriented: the Partner Membership does not offer any commercial benefits.

How To Join

The state-level dues for Partner Membership are $226. Many local chapters in Texas have also opted into the Partner Membership program, adding their own communications, services, and participation to the benefits. The participating chapters and their local dues rates are:

Partner Member Local Dues

Chapter Local Dues
Amarillo $65
Austin $150
Brazos $150
Corpus Christi $124
Fort Worth $135
Houston $125
Lubbock $80
LRGV $175
Northeast $75
San Antonio $155
Wichita Falls $40
West Texas $75

If you are unsure of what local chapter you belong to, find your chapter by zipcode.

To find out what benefits your local chapter offers as part of the Partner Program, please contact the chapter directly. If your chapter is not listed above, it has elected not to offer a local Partner Membership program and therefore has no local dues. Your membership will be state-level only, and you need only to pay the state-level dues.

Memberships will last until March 31 of the following year — if members have not renewed for the following year by that date, their membership will expire on April 1.

To join as an Partner Member, please download and fill out the Partner Membership form in its entirety, and send it in.