November/December 2012

Along with new structures, redevelopment encourages new use, new energy, and new life. This issue explores the role of redevelopment in shaping these positive results for an arts district, a student center and a corporate campus.

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September/October 2012

Our September/October Design Awards issue features coverage of this year’s statewide winners — thirteen projects from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

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July/August 2012

The projects covered under the theme of “Healthcare and Wellness” are something of a study in contrasts in terms of setting, as in urban vs. bucolic. Compare the rural Chickasaw Nation Medical Center in Ada, Oklahoma, with the CHRISTAS Moran Health Center in midtown Houston. And see two approaches to fitness in the rolling hills of north Dallas (the Northwood Club) and the Tellepsen Family Downtown YMCA in downtown Houston.

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May/June 2012

This “Urban Design” edition’s four features do not deal with urban design as typified by comprehensive plans for large swaths of urban environment. Rather, they represent four works of architecture that, by virtue of where they are, play important roles in a broader urban context.

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March/April 2012

Destinations: The featured projects represent different points of arrival, whether a temporary stopping place during a student’s busy day on campus or destinations for entertainment and cultural events.

Of particular note is the destination for dignitaries from around the world who will travel to Houston in mid April for the official unveiling of the Asia Society Texas Center, designed by Yoshio Taniguchi.

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January/February 2012

Design for Learning: The featured projects on the following pages attest to recent investments in educational facilities around the state.

Frank Welch, FAIA established a reputation for distinctive design after opening his first office in 1959 in west Texas. He recently completed a memoir, part of which is being published for the first time in this edition. His opening chapter – “Education of an Architect” – starts on page 24.

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