The Texas Society of Architects partners in a variety of ways with companies whose products and services support the work of Texas architects. These partnerships bring greater visibility, exposure, and knowledge to the day-to-day processes and decisions that are important in creating safe, beautiful, and sustainable environments.

Tap and Go Sponsor Video: Photo by Thomas McConnell

A sponsorship is an effective way to create a positive and memorable image for your company, gain further recognition and exposure among Texas Society of Architects/AIA members, emphasize your company’s brand identity, and provide valuable networking opportunities within the profession. To inquire about opportunities or benefits, contact Tod Stehling at 512.635.7745 or tod@texasarchitects.org.

Corporate Allied Membership

Corporate Allied Members are companies and organizations working outside of traditional architectural practice, but are allied to the field. By joining Texas Architects as an Allied Member, your company becomes a part of an organization that actively supports and works to increase the value of the building industry in Texas.

Convention Sponsorships

The Texas Society of Architects Annual Convention and Design Expo is quickly approaching its 75th year bringing continuing education, products and services to reach the architectural community and beyond with many special events, networking opportunities and impressive architectural tours to highlight the built community in each of Texas’s major cities: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

Awards Programs Sponsorships

As “The Voice for Texas Architecture,” the Texas Society of Architects is the indisputable authority on excellence in architecture and design. Being selected for a Design Award, Studio Award, Honor Award, or the 25-Year Award is one of the most sought-after commendations Texas architects hope to achieve. Each yearly selection shapes the national perception of Texas architecture.

Placemaking Program at Chicon Street

The Placemaking Program at Chicon Street is an opportunity for interested vendors or manufacturers to participate in bringing the new home of Texas Architects up to the 2030 Challenge. The building at 500 Chicon is an adapted 1910 warehouse, located in the revitalizing area of East Austin. Remodeled in 2002 for a graphics design firm by Stern and Bucek Architects, and a winner of a Texas Architects Design Award, the building was purchased in December 2010 by the Texas Society of Architects.