2016 TAC Contributors

The Texas Architects Committee promotes the interests of architects in Texas and raises funds to make campaign contributions to those seeking election or re-election to political office. This a list of contributors for calendar year 2016.

Texas Architects Committee

What is your profession worth to you? Can you spare as little as $1 per business day? How about the cost of one Starbucks latte each week? Is the health of your chosen profession worth one billable hour, or better yet, what you would bill for only one day’s billable time?

The Texas Architects Committee (TAC) thanks all those who contributed for their generous donations in support of the Society’s advocacy efforts on behalf of architects and architecture. Below is a current list of individual TAC contributors. Texas Architects chapters have also set contribution goals for the year, and their progress on these goals can be viewed in the chart found at right.

Personal contributions to TAC go to candidates for the Texas Legislature or state offices. This is the only legal way for corporations, including not-for-profits like the Texas Society of Architects, to participate in the political process. It is critical that we do this to help ensure that the most qualified individuals to make the best decisions to advance policies to create safer, more beautiful, more sustainable environments in Texas. With the cost of elections increasing dramatically, it is more and more important for the architecture profession to increase its role in the electoral process so “the best and brightest” are the ones making those increasingly critical choices that will determine how you practice, and if you can afford to continue doing so.

Please join your colleagues listed here in protecting and advancing the Society’s advocacy of safer, more beautiful, more sustainable environments. Act today!

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2016