Vanishing Rest Stops

Architectural photographer Ryann Ford is looking to document the architectural and cultural significance of America's vanishing rest stops by transforming her photo series of these landmarks into a book. "The Last Stop" Kickstarter campaign, which ends on December 16, aims to make this happen.

Near Post, Texas – U.S. 84 – by Ryann Ford

For the past five years, Ryann Ford has traveled the country to document America's rest stops. Some of her film photographs were featured in the September/October 2013 issue of Texas Architect magazine. Last month, Ford launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds to publish a book based on the photo series.

"The Last Stop: Vanishing Relics of the American Roadside," will be more than just a collection of photographs. As rest stops increasingly become viewed as obsolete in an age when fast food restaurants and gas stations are available at most highway exits, the book will help preserve the history and cultural significance of these vernacular architectural expressions.

Check out the campaign page to watch a video about the project, and to see the list of pledge rewards. The last day to contribute to the fund, which has met more than 50% of its goal so far, is December 16.

You can also follow the project here:


Near Sonora, Texas – I-10 – by Ryann Ford

Near Flower Mound, Texas – I-35W – by Ryann Ford

Juan Santa Cruz Picnic Area – Tucson, Arizona – by Ryann Ford