Volunteer to Support Students During the 2013 Convention



Mentor a Student

If there’s one thing architectural students are hungry for, it’s mentorship — and you can help provide it! By designating yourself as a Convention Mentor, you can be paired up with a student to offer advice, experience, and information about the profession and how to navigate the convention.

Students will have the option to sign up for the Mentorship Program on their registration form. The mentors and their assigned students will spend a few hours together on Friday (preferably in the Expo Hall). On Saturday, mentors and students will attend the Awards Luncheon (see note below regarding required ticket purchases). Mentorship Program participants will be recognized during the event.

If you are interested in serving as a mentor during the 2013 Annual Convention, indicate this on your convention registration, and purchase Awards Luncheon tickets for you and your student.

This is a rare opportunity to reach out to the emerging professionals of the field and offer them the help and guidance they need! Please, help the Texas Society of Architects in preparing our future architects for their careers. 

For more information, please contact Ted Kozlowski at 512-478-7386, or ted@texasarchitects.org.


Host a Student Overnight

Convention organizers are calling on AIA Fort Worth members to host students attending the 2013 Convention in their homes on Thursday and Friday nights (November 7 and 8), providing lodging and transportation to and from the convention center if needed. Please check the appropriate box when you register for the convention, indicating that you are willing to help a student (or two!) to limit their cost to attend. You’ll be serving the future of the profession, and possibly making a friend for life!

Thank you in advance for stepping into one or both of these highly-interactive, vital, and fun roles. For more information, please contact Ted Kozlowski at 512-478-7386, or ted@texasarchitects.org.


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