The Voice for Texas Architecture

Walter J. “Walt” Humann has had two simultaneously successful careers in Dallas. One is in business, and the other is in public service. He heads his own firm, WJH Corporation, and has held top management positions in several corporations as well as serving on both corporate and non-profit boards.

In his public service career, Humann has the quiet tenacity and perceptive vision to develop private/public partnerships to address pressing urban problems. He has spearheaded significant community improvements in the areas of transportation—reconstruction of North Central Expressway, and creation and implementation of DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit)—education, community and race relations, government reorganization, and urban planning, design, and beautification. He has applied his considerable skills and finesse to develop consensus on complex transportation issues among groups with diverse opinions.

Humann has received numerous civic awards, including the prestigious Linz Award in 1997 for his leadership in bringing North Central Expressway and DART to fruition. For over 30 years, Humann has had an ongoing, positive influence on the quality of life in Dallas and North Texas by facilitation improvements in the transportation infrastructure.

The award will be presented at the Presidents’ Gala during the Texas Architects Annual Convention in Dallas, Oct. 27-29, 2011.