Who Will Advocate for Architecture?

Join Us for the Third Biannual Advocates for Architecture Day

The Society's Advocates for Architecture Day will take place on February 10. Architects from across the state will converge on the Texas Capitol to meet with legislators to promote the importance of architectural design for urban planning. Learn more about this event, and register today to help us spread our message.

The districts in green to the right already have architect representatives in place for Advocates for Architecture Day 2015. The grey districts are those still in need of architect members to visit.

The lists below indicate the legislators that will have architects attending on behalf of the profession on February 10.

Learn more about Advocates for Architecture Day. Or sign up now by completing our online registration form.

Find out who represents you in the Texas Legislature.  

Texas Senate Districts

SD 1         Kevin Eltife
SD 2         Bob Hall
SD 5         Charles Schwertner
SD 6         Sylvia Garcia
SD 7         Paul Bettencourt
SD 8         Van Taylor
SD 9         Kelly Hancock
SD 10       Konni Burton
SD 12       Jane Nelson
SD 13       Rodney Ellis

SD 14       Kirk Watson
SD 15       John Whitmire
SD 16       Don Huffines
SD 17       Joan Huffman|
SD 18       Lois Kolkhorst
SD 19       Carlos Uresti
SD 20       Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa
SD 21       Judith Zaffirini
SD 22       Brian Birdwell
SD 23       Royce West
SD 24       Troy Fraser
SD 25       Donna Campbell
SD 26       Leticia Van de Putte
SD 27       Eddie Lucio Jr.

SD 28       Charles Perry
SD 29       José Rodriguez
SD 30       Craig Estes

SD 31       Kel Seliger

Texas House Districts

HD 7           David Simpson
HD 12         Kyle J. Kacal

HD 13         [Vacant]
HD 14         John Raney

HD 26         Rick Miller
HD 32         Todd Hunter
HD 34         Abel Herrero
HD 38         Eddie Lucio III
HD 40         Terry Canales
HD 41         R.D. "Bobby" Guerra
HD 43         J.M. Lozano

HD 46         Dawnna M. Dukes
HD 47         Paul D. Workman
HD 48         Donna Howard
HD 49         Elliott Naishtat
HD 50         Celia Israel
HD 51         Eddie Rodriguez
HD 52         Larry Gonzales
HD 56         Charles 'Doc' Anderson
HD 61         Phil King

HD 66         Matt Shaheen
HD 73         Doug Miller
HD 77         Marisa Márquez

HD 79         Joe C. Pickett
HD 83         Dustin Burrows
HD 86         John T. Smithee
HD 91         Stephanie Klick

HD 92         Jonathan Stickland
HD 93         Matt Krause
HD 97         Craig Goldman

HD 98         Giovanni Capriglione
HD 99         Charlie Green
HD 102       Linda Koop

HD 103       Rafael Anchia
HD 104       Roberto R. Alonzo        

HD 107       Kenneth Sheets
HD 108       Morgan Meyer
HD 111       Yvonne Davis

HD 112       Angie Chen Button
HD 113       Cindy Burkett

HD 114       Jason Villalba
HD 118       Joe Farias
HD 119       Roland Gutierrez

HD 120       Ruth Jones McClendon
HD 121       Joe Straus
HD 122       Lyle Larson
HD 123       [Vacant]

HD 133       Jim Murphy
HD 134       Sarah Davis
HD 135       Gary Elkins
HD 138       Dwayne Bohac
HD 146       Borris L. Miles
HD 148       Jessica Farrar
HD 150       Debbie Riddle